Agile Cards with scanner launched for VisualStudio Team Services / TFS!

We’re proud to announce that Agile Cards for VSTS / TFS is now available for trial and purchase, along with the earlier announced physical board scanner. This new feature enables users to finally close the loop, fully linking their physical and digital boards.

Synchronising physical and digital boards

The Agile Cards extension allows users to seamlessly create and populate physical boards in addition to virtual boards already present in their cloud instance of VisualStudio Team Services or on-premises TFS. But printing the work items as physical cards and sticking them to physical task boards is only part of the process. The new Agile Cards 1.0.0 now comes with a unique way of synchronising physical and digital boards. With just a single photo you can now automatically update the status of your digital board based on the placement of the cards on your physical board.

The physical board scanning can be done by using a mobile device, but also via a desktop computer.
Sounds intriguing? Read more about this feature in the Agile Cards documentation or watch the video below:

For commerce from the VisualStudio Marketplace

Yet another milestone associated with this release is the product’s availability upon the try&buy basis. Spartez and Microsoft are now delivering Agile Cards as one of the first ever commerce releases on the VisualStudio Marketplace. The Agile Cards trial period extends for 30 days and following this payment can be made via a subscription on Microsoft Azure.

Try Agile Cards from VisualStudio Marketplace

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