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Canned Responses Pro for Jira

Increase Your Team Efficiency Even More

Reusable and automated templates of comments for common issues in Jira Service Management and Jira Software.

NEW! Customizable Signatures for Responses

Canned Responses give you the option to create and manage responses signatures. You can use dynamic data for each user and project.

Our automatic, flexible response signature templates can be customised on three levels – global, project and personal. Additionally, you can restrict the signatures to ‘Reply to customer' in Jira Service Management. Learn more here.

Templates for Jira Issue Description and Custom Text Fields

Create new templates and use them to automate bug reports, feature requests, and other repetitive tasks. Canned Responses Pro templates are now available in comments, as well as in Jira issue description fields. In Jira Server templates are also available for other multi-line custom text fields.

canned responses pro for jira screen 2

Organize Jira Templates into Folders

You can now group your templates into folders and make it easier to navigate amongst dozens of your canned responses. Moving your current templates to folders doesn’t require any special actions. You can separate the folder from the templates that belong to just by adding double colons. For example, this construction Folder1::Template1 means that you put Template1 into Folder one.

canned responses pro screen 3

Get Canned Responses Pro Templates

Available from as low as 5$/month
Up to 10 users
11 - 100 users
per user/month
Check out full pricing on Atlassian Marketplace
10 users
perpetual license
100 users
perpetual license
Check out full pricing on Atlassian Marketplace
50 users
per year
500 users
per year
Check out full pricing on Atlassian Marketplace

Fantastic add-on!

Saves us a huge amount of time in support and allows us to provide a much better service to our customers through far more polished and informative answers that we can share in no time! This add-on ins a must for any Jira ServiceDesk!
Andreas K.
Atlassian Top Rated App

Very impressive support team!

I was evaluating this plugin and discovered a bug. I reported it to Spartez Software, and within two days they fixed it and provided a patch. While not yet a customer, I intend to be soon.
John O.

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