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Your sprint on the physical task board and back in JIRA®

Agile Cards is a must-have tool for teams that use Atlassian JIRA agile board but also enjoy using a low-tech, high-value, physical task board for their daily scrum meetings or user story maps.

Using JIRA, Agile Cards, and your task board, you can:

  • print customized cards from JIRA and put them on your physical task board or wall;
  • move printed cards on the pinboard to tell others about your progress or blockers;
  • take a photo of your pinboard, upload it to JIRA, and automatically change the status of appropriate issues in JIRA;
  • easily update the printed task board with new user stories on your JIRA board.

Agile Cards is also available as a VisualStudio Team Services add-on for both Cloud and On-premises.

Agile Cards proudly support


Agile Cards - Now Powered-Up for Trello

Introducing 'Agile Cards by Spartez' for Trello - The newest addition to Spartez’ ever-growing selection of Agile-orientated add-ons for third-party platforms.

Our fresh Power-Up for the Trello platform encompasses simple yet flexible options for Trello users to print out cards seamlessly from their Trello boards.

Check our blog update for full details of the Power-Up, along with the story behind it's development with it's creator, Michał Nykiel.

Are physical task boards environmentally friendly?

Physical boards are great artifacts that go far beyond agile development. Spartez has been sold to this idea years ago. But how does the consumption of paper cards on boards impact the environment? Do electronic displays really save trees?

With Agile Cards you can

Print pinboard cards directly from JIRA

You can print cards for whole groups of issues or just single cards representing issues you want to focus on.

Automatically upload your pinboard status to JIRA

The codes printed on cards carry information which allows JIRA to interpret your pinboard photo and automatically update the status and resolution of the appropriate issues.

Customize your cards and pinboard

Agile Cards for JIRA are fully configurable. You can define your own sets of printed fields, fonts and margin sizes as well as the number of cards to be printed per paper sheet.

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