Agile Cards for JIRA

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Your sprint on the physical task board and back in JIRA

Agile Cards is a must-have tool for teams that use Atlassian JIRA but also enjoy using a low-tech, high-value, physical pinboard for their daily agile processes.

Using JIRA, Agile Cards, and your pinboard, you can:

  • print customized cards from JIRA and put them on your physical pinboard;
  • move printed cards on the pinboard to show your progress;
  • take a photo of your pinboard, upload it to JIRA, and automatically change the status of appropriate issues in JIRA (server version only).

    Agile Cards proudly support

    • Daimler
      Air France
    • Harvard University
      Southwest Airlines

    With Agile Cards you can


    Print pinboard cards directly from JIRA

    You can print cards for whole groups of issues or just single cards representing issues you want to focus on.

    Customize your cards and pinboard

    Agile Cards for JIRA are fully configurable. You can define your own sets of printed fields, fonts and margin sizes as well as the number of cards to be printed per paper sheet.

    Automatically upload your pinboard status to JIRA

    The codes printed on cards carry information which allows JIRA to interpret your pinboard photo and automatically update the status and resolution of the appropriate issues.
    • The pleasure of paper

      The pleasure of paper

      Blend digital project management in JIRA with agile collaboration practice using printed cards as physical representation of tasks.
    • Reveal bottlenecks earlier

      Reveal bottlenecks earlier

      With physical task board you are more transparent about your work and its progress.
    • Auto-update of your JIRA digital board

      Auto-update of your JIRA digital board

      Take a photo of your updated physical task board and upload it to JIRA. Watch the affected issues rearrange automatically in JIRA to match the current status of your physical task board.
    • Flexible card layout

      Flexible card layout

      In the Flexible layout tab, you can take full control of the look and feel of your printed issues.
    • Printed cards' look and feel

      Printed cards' look and feel

      In the add-on settings you can add your logo and configure your cards' look and feel so that the printed issues display only relevant info. On both sides of the card.
    • Printing from JIRA Agile Work view

      Printing from JIRA Agile Work view

      You can print selected columns of your sprint in JIRA Agile Work view.
    • Printing the backlog

      Printing the backlog

      If you prefer collaborative planning sessions involving paper, you can print issues from the backlog.
    • Printing selected backlog issues

      Printing selected backlog issues

      Select only the relevant backlog issues and print them as cards.
    • Print cards from Issue Navigator

      Print cards from Issue Navigator

      Agile Cards supports printing also in the JIRA Issue Navigator's view.
    • Auto-update JIRA Board (1)

      Auto-update JIRA Board (1)

      In order to set the auto-update feature, you need to define your task board layout in JIRA.
    • Auto-update JIRA Board (2)

      Auto-update JIRA Board (2)

      Next, you need to print splitters to put on the physical task board. Codes on each card will let you track each issue. Task board splitters will show the issue progress.

    Agile Cards version 3.0.0

    May 21, 2015. A major new product release of Agile Cards is available on the Atlassian Marketplace. Now Agile Cards support multiple templates and graphical layout design.