Your sprint on the physical task board and back in JIRA®

Agile Cards is a must-have tool for teams that use Atlassian JIRA but also enjoy using a low-tech, high-value, physical pinboard for their daily agile processes.

Using JIRA, Agile Cards, and your pinboard, you can:

  • print customized cards from JIRA and put them on your physical pinboard;
  • move printed cards on the pinboard to show your progress;
  • take a photo of your pinboard, upload it to JIRA, and automatically change the status of appropriate issues in JIRA.

Agile Cards is also available as a VisualStudio Team Services add-on for both Cloud and On-premises.

    Agile Cards proudly support


    A physical Kanban board for many teams

    As part of our "Show Us Your Agile Cards" campaign Joern Bock, the VP of AOE, gave us a sneak peak of an impressive board and shared some some Kanban experience behind it...

    Show us your Agile Cards and share a pro tip or two

    Join the community and give us some insight into how you combine digital tools and paper to make work easy and fun. If you've worked with Agile Cards for JIRA or Agile Cards for Visual Studio Team Services, you have your own ways of using it.

    With Agile Cards you can

    Print pinboard cards directly from JIRA

    You can print cards for whole groups of issues or just single cards representing issues you want to focus on.

    Customize your cards and pinboard

    Agile Cards for JIRA are fully configurable. You can define your own sets of printed fields, fonts and margin sizes as well as the number of cards to be printed per paper sheet.

    Automatically upload your pinboard status to JIRA

    The codes printed on cards carry information which allows JIRA to interpret your pinboard photo and automatically update the status and resolution of the appropriate issues.

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