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Smart solutions for agile teams

Spartez is a leading JIRA® add-on vendor, offering useful tools for both Server and Cloud, solid support to customers and evaluators and Atlassian® suite expertise. Our Agile Cards and TFS4JIRA add-ons are consistently among the best-selling JIRA add-ons available from the Atlassian Marketplace. Both support our mission to spread the agile methodologies and respect our customers' organizational context and needs.

Spartez is focused on the Atlassian ecosystem and agile methodology since day one in 2007. Several software teams at Spartez work directly with Atlassian on world-famous products, such as JIRA Software and DevTools.

In March 2016 Spartez has entered the Microsoft VisualStudio Marketplace with a new incarnation of Agile Cards, dedicated for VisualStudio Team Services users.

Agile Cards for JIRA

Print JIRA issues, work with physical task board, and photo-sync your board status with JIRA.

Agile Cards for VSTS / TFS

Print work items as cards for your physical task board directly from VisualStudio Team Services.

Agile Poker Enterprise for JIRA

Collaborative estimating for JIRA with live updates.

Canned Responses for JIRA

Reuse comments in JIRA and Service Desk.

Asset Tracker for JIRA

Asset management for JIRA and JIRA Service Desk.

Image Annotator for JIRA

Annotate image attachments and screenshots directly in your JIRA issue, to save time on explaining the context of your task.


Atlassian JIRA and Microsoft TFS / VisualStudio Team Services synchronizer.

Over 3,000 companies from more than 45 countries use JIRA add-ons by Spartez. We aim to help teams from fast-paced and data-rich environments of software development, finance, business analytics, and retail industries. Knowledge-intensive industries follow agile methodologies and seek our solutions or services. We are proud to have these great organisations as our customers:


Show us your Agile Cards and share a pro tip or two

Join the community and give us some insight into how you combine digital tools and paper to make work easy and fun. If you've worked with Agile Cards for JIRA or Agile Cards for Visual Studio Team Services, you have your own ways of using it.

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