Our history

  1. 2005

    The original founders meet, working on the same awesome team in a large international corporation.

  2. 2006

    They start dreaming about a great company founded together.

  3. 2007

    Spartez is born. The original founders are:

    After several years, most of these people still stay with the company.

  4. 2008

    Spartez starts cooperation with Atlassian. Our dream comes true!

    And we are profitable!

  5. 2009

    Our first commercial product - Agile Cards for Jira - is born and is used by first customers. We become one of the leading vendors in Atlassian ecosystem.

  6. 2012

    Spartez outgrows its "garage" office. It now hires more than 20 awesome people and is growing rapidly.

  7. 2013

    The number of 1000 paying customers reached. First million dollars of revenue from own products, and it nearly doubles every year.

    Our successful partnership with Atlassian continues and we are adding more products as well as happy customers to our product portfolio.

    These days, we are growing as ever. We now have 70 passionate and talented people on board.

  8. May 2016

    Spartez enters Microsoft VSTS Marketplace as one of the first two vendors

  9. November 2016

    Spartez is now 100 employees

Our values


Don't fuck the customer

Always be honest with customers. Don't lie. Customers fund you. They are your greatest treasure. Care for them, respond promptly, keep them in the loop. They are people like you.

Be the change you seek

Don't just complain. If you don't like something - change it. Implement the change by yourself, drive it or just flag it, propose a better solution and help us improve. Don't ask for permission. Use your common sense and act. Respect and help challengers, be constructive and selfless when opposing a change.

Open company - no bullshit

Assume that everything you do and you say is available to anyone at the company - and possibly to the public. Our pay bands, current sales figures, strategies, challenges. All your decisions related to products should be public by default unless they contain customer sensitive data. Whenever you argue - use concrete facts, link to concrete cases, reports, statistics. We don't like you to use words like "some", "most of", "many", etc.

Great place to work

Be part and creator of an awesome working environment people truly enjoy working at. Learn from your fantastic colleagues - super smart and super motivated. Take care of other people like you would do in a family. Focus on delivering customer value by avoiding and removing corporate bullshit, war games, politics - and meetings. Take care of your future now by participating in the challenging projects which impact many people, and make yourself the part of the software development hall of fame.


As few rules as possible. Less is more. Simple is better, though harder to achieve. Always stray on simplicity side. Avoid complexity at all cost. Invest into making stuff simple.

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