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Agile Cards

Diversifying work in response to world crisis. How to work remotely.

In the dawn of the COVID-19 outbreak that is circling around the world, many companies and businesses have been affected. While many companies are fairly established with remote work policies and practices it does not mean that it is easy for employees to enable themselves to work from home.

[Case study] How Puts Agile Cards Into Action

The company creates complex high-level enterprise solutions for their clients. Being one of the leading TYPO3 & Neos agencies in Germany, provides tailor-made products based on individual needs.

Agile Cards for Jira Now Available for Next-gen Projects

If you have already put Jira next-gen projects into action in your company, you can now significantly refine your agile teamwork. And if you are a small or medium business player who is still looking to optimize your project management, turn on your improvement radar right now. We are rushing to inform you that from now on, Agile Cards for Jira are available for next-gen projects. Why is it so vital? Let’s find out!

Upcoming pricing changes to Agile Cards for Jira

Spartez is updating the price of Agile Cards for Jira app on October 1, 2019.

How teams at Valiton keep agile boards and Jira in sync

Have you ever suggested that your team use a physical Scrum or Kanban board? Maintaining physical boards is a worthwhile effort to facilitate meaningful feedback, spot risks early, and get help from team members. Still, on a daily basis, the effort should be optimized. Felix Huschka, the “Agile Master” at Valiton, a company of BurdaSolutions, wanted the boards to benefit the teams, management, and other project stakeholders who are all located in multiple locations. And he continuously works through several iterations to optimize the physical boards for his teams in Offenburg and Munich.

Agile Cards - Now Powered-Up for Trello

Introducing 'Agile Cards by Spartez' for Trello - The newest addition to Spartez’ ever-growing selection of Agile-orientated add-ons for third-party platforms.

Our fresh Power-Up for the Trello platform encompasses simple yet flexible options for Trello users to print out cards seamlessly from their Trello boards.

Check our blog update for full details of the Power-Up, along with the story behind it's development with it's creator, Michał Nykiel.

Are physical task boards environmentally friendly?

Physical boards are great artifacts that go far beyond agile development. Spartez has been sold to this idea years ago. But how does the consumption of paper cards on boards impact the environment? Do electronic displays really save trees?
Now available in Agile Cards for Jira: quicker physical board updates via notifications about unprinted issues on Jira agile board.

How to combat progress blockers with Jira and a physical board

Individuals tend to prefer one communication channel over another. However, to keep reaching goals as a team, you must use both written and spoken words. The power of Jira in agile project tracking is unbeatable. It's all about speed and transparency. But, to deal with blockers faster and less painfully, I recommend using verbal communication and a big physical board at your daily scrum. With the new release of Agile Cards for Jira updating your physical agile board is quick and any team member can do it.

Tracking the sprint goal on a physical board

In most sprints, there are two types of tasks. One type leads to the sprint goal. The other type includes those “emergent tasks” that teams experience either as external pressure or as the unavoidable internal tasks. With two simple daily practices, the physical board can help teams stay the course and deliver the iteration goal.

Collaborative estimation & prioritization with Agile Cards for Jira 4.1

Using Agile Cards for Jira, you can now collaboratively run magic estimations, work prioritisation, timeline planning and more. Whatever the process, your method only needs to be based on any type of consensus-based, single-select field value in Jira.