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Agile Poker for Jira

Agile Poker for Jira - planning
and estimation tool for Agile Teams

Agile Poker for Jira is a top-rated app that goes way beyond just Planning Poker® in supporting Team Managers and Scrum Masters to facilitate accurate and convenient backlog estimations with the teams. It’s a flexible toolkit for estimating your backlog to get it ready for grooming and planning. Inspired by the most popular estimation methods, it derives the best scrum estimating practices from each of them.

New Relative Mode in Agile Poker- Estimate Together With Your Team Remotely

Estimate with your remote team in a collaborative mode during Relative Session. Watch this video to see how this method can work for your team.

Set up reference issues for more precise sprint estimations

Compare future user stories to completed ones using triangulation and reference issues to make more precise estimations.

agile poker for jira - planning reference issues

The best of two worlds with unbiased voting in Relative and Bucket Sizing sessions

With the new unbiased voting feature, Relative and Bucket Sizing sessions comprise all Planning Poker estimation method benefits while providing complete relativeness. Read this blog post to learn more.

unbiased voting planning poker benefits

Planning for collocated and distributed agile teams

Agile Poker comes with 4 estimation modes.

Interactive mode for teams working in the same time zone, Asynchronous mode for those that can't be in the same room at the same time, Relative Estimation mode and Bucket Sizing for teams that have to estimate quickly large batch of issues.

Available from as low as 5$/month

Up to 10 users
11 - 100 users
per user/month
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10 users
perpetual license
100 users
perpetual license
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500 users
per year
5000 users
per year
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Excellent tool!

My team works entirely remotely, in many different timezones.
Asynchronous grooming has made our meeting shorter, and our lives easier.
Jillian V.
Atlassian Top Rated App

I was looking for a tool to Jira

I was pleasantly surprised at how well it was integrated into the JIRA backlog both Scrum and Kanban boards.
Jerome H.

More features

Agile Poker for Jira - planning
and estimation plugin for Agile Teams

Get the most out of Planning Poker®, Wideband Delphi and Team Estimation Game. Set reference issues and make more accurate estimations in Jira.

Interactive mode
based on Planning Poker®

Best for the teams working in the same time zone. Make more precise sprint planning estimations thanks to Reference Issues feature. This mode of Agile Poker works great for both collocated and distributed teams.

Asynchronous mode based on
Wideband Delphi method

Best for the teams working in different time zones. Irreplaceable for distributed teams, works great for all teams that want to estimate asynchronously in Jira. You can also use this mode when you want to prepare yourself before the real planning session.

Relative Estimation based on
Team Estimation Game

Scrum sprint planning best for estimating large batch of issues (50+). Good for making quickly rough estimations.

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