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Estimate JIRA® issues in interactive or asynchronous sessions

Agile Poker Enterprise for JIRA is an estimation toolkit for calculating the relative size of user stories.

With Agile Poker you can:

  • Quickly set-up interactive or asynchronous estimation sessions inspired by Planning Poker® and Wideband Delphi techniques
  • Improve your planning by avoiding a cognitive bias known as Dunning-Kruger effect
  • Increase team members' motivation by making use of their respective strengths and involving your mates in planning

Agile Poker Enterprise for JIRA is easy to install and flexible to configure, so you'll be comfortable using it, both as a beginner and as an experienced user. If you'd like to find out more, please have a look at the screenshots below or start a free trial on Atlassian Marketplace.

NB. Asynchronous estimation sessions are currently available in JIRA Server version only.

Agile Poker Enterprise proudly supports teams of


Asynchronous issue estimating for distributed teams in JIRA

Agile Poker Enterprise for JIRA is now offering two estimation modes: interactive and asynchronous. Both modes focus on teamwork as key element of accurate planning. Live sessions are consensus-based estimations based on Planning Poker® methodology. Asynchronous estimating mode is inspired by consultative techniques like Wideband Delphi and PERT analysis.

Agile Poker for JIRA Cloud now available

We proudly support agile teams in their estimation process for almost five years. Dozens of happy customers proved the great value of Agile Poker for JIRA Server. Today, we share our experience in estimating with JIRA Cloud users introducing Agile Poker for JIRA Cloud.

Why Agile Poker

Industry standard estimation methodology

The consensus-based collaborative estimation means better planning and team buy-in for the tasks ahead. User stories and estimation are now available in a single tool so everyone can be on the same page, literally.

Interactive mode for co-located teams

Timebox estimating and discussions. Visualize and summarize estimates to facilitate consensus. If there's need, re-start and estimate again. You can also access interactive estimation sessions with a mobile device.

Asynchronous mode for distributed or expert estimation

For teams working from different locations, asynchronous mode supports sessions where estimates and comments are saved within a time-frame given by the Scrum Master.

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