Azure DevOps Jira integration and migration plugin

Azure DevOps Jira integration and migration plugin to connect two powerful solutions and link relevant tasks and projects based on the given context. Our tool does the job which normally requires long hours of consulting work.


Integrate Azure and Jira efficiently

Integrating Azure and Jira with TFS4JIRA plugin will save you time and budget. With our simplified installer, you can effortlessly integrate and synchronize changes made to the issues and work items between Jira and TFS / Azure DevOps platforms. New issues/work items are instantly updated upon creation.

TFS / Azure to Jira Synchronizer Download

Download TFS4JIRA Synchronizer

You may also test TFS4JIRA Synchronizer
via Windows Docker container.

Upgrading from Synchronizer version < 5.2?

  1. Install TFS4JIRA 6.0.0: web version or offline version.
  2. Make sure it works.
  3. Install the latest version.

For more details read documentation.

Connect Azure DevOps and Jira

Connect Azure DevOps with Jira Cloud, Server or Data Center. View your project or issue-associated TFS / Azure DevOps check-in logs directly in Jira. Actions are categorized by distinct event tags for quick and simple reference.


Clean mapping interface in TFS4JIRA - Azure Jira synchronization plugin

Synchronize Azure with Jira efficiently and seamlessly in Cloud, Server and Data Center. Create your TFS4JIRA sync profile with health checks and no fuss. Enjoy TFS4JIRA unique features, such as multiple On-premise TFS' support and synchronization of work items from hosted Azure DevOps.


More features of TFS4JIRA tool

Azure Jira migration tool

Migrate the data you specify from or Azure DevOps to Jira or vice versa. Thanks to TFS4JIRA the process is easy and smooth which is a big plus not only for people involved in the process directly but for the whole organization. 

Azure Jira Cloud integration

Many companies are using both, Jira Cloud and Azure DevOps. That creates the scenario which requires some people to be logged in both systems, to copy issues from system to system and to constantly follow changes in two sources of truth. Instead of this, you can integrate Azure DevOps with Jira and have all the important data synchronised almost immediately.

Map your issue types, work item types, fields, values

Define which issues/work items types and which of the fields you would like to synchronize. Create a mappings list with specific types, and fields you want to synchronize. Additionally, you can define how fields values are converted during synchronization so that each system receives the correct value.

Hierarchy and subtasks synchronization supported

Jira and TFS/ Azure DevOps has a significantly different tree of dependencies. One of the differentiators of TFS4JIRA is a smart solution to do it right. Schedule a demo or read more here.

Create your individual TFS4JIRA sync

Set different parameters and configurations for every individual project and instance. With TFS4JIRA you can create as many profiles as you want. We understand that each project is very specific and requires a different approach.

Jira and TFS/Azure DevOps information exchanges in the background

Once your profiles are set up, TFS4JIRA will work in the background, checking if there are new issues or work items to be synchronized. The interval time of this activity can be specified by users, separately for each profile.

Available from as low as 5$/month

Up to 10 users
monthly flat fee
11 - 100 users
per user/month
10 users
perpetual license
100 users
perpetual license
50 users
per user/year
500 users
per user/year
Excellent product

Product is excellent and support is even better. Pawel was very helpful in explaining some of the configuration nuances in order to get our sync working again after a recent TFS authentication update. Cheers!

Doug S.

The TFS4JIRA plugin is pretty straightforward and easy to use. We had some issues getting the originating TFS reporter synced with Jira, but Spartez support did a great job in helping us out.

Niels van D.

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