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Here are the awesome people who work with us

  • Piotr Ackermann
    Piotr Ackermann
    Software Engineer at Spartez. Believes in constant progress and self-improvement. Huge fan of JVM languages and functional programming. After hours he likes to read books, mainly popular science and crime stories.
  • Ignat Alexeyenko
    Ignat Alexeyenko
    Agile enthusiast, who values communication, team spirit, and all the fancy parties outside the office. Traveller, who enjoys hiking, cycling, and kayaking, but is also into photography and hot guitar riffs. Challenge taker, passionate engineer, and great problem solver. Relocated from Ukraine in March 2013.
  • Kamil Ambroszczak
    Kamil Ambroszczak
    Product Marketing Manager at Spartez. Previously head of UK and Polish marketing teams at a large international hosting company. Passionate about tools and techniques that drive modern marketing. On the private side of things a family man trying to transcend the mundane by means or art, music and reading. In his spare time enjoys running and swimming.
  • Przemysław Bielicki
    Przemysław Bielicki
    Przemek used to be (still is?) a real Java geek nowadays investing more in people relations. After 9 years spent in French Riviera working for Amadeus where he learned how to build software more reliable, more available, faster and consuming memory more efficiently he joined his dream job in Spartez.
    If there is no more need for software engineers he would move to sunny French Alps working as shepherd, ski instructor or mountain guide.
  • Przemysław Borkowski
    Przemysław Borkowski
    Fast learner, thirsty for knowledge and new experiences - that pretty much sums him up. Fresh college graduate, who had enough luck to start his career working with Spartez ("this awesome company," as he puts it), developing even more awesome applications. Jogging maniac in his free time, who occasionally likes to kick some asses in various online games.
  • Adam Borowski
    Adam Borowski
    Believes that beeing an artist have sense even in the software development. Fortunately, he didn't miss the last lifeboat escaping from sinking Titanic called FlashPlayer and he swam to the mainland of widely admited new WEB technologies. In his childhood he couldn't sleep because of having head full of ideas which was coming in the midnight like the nightmares. Now he is chilled out a bit and more focused on self-development.
  • Krystian Brazulewicz
    Krystian Brazulewicz
    Movie freak and biker, loves wandering in the forest by night with a headlight and compass. Professionally a Bamboo developer, in the past worked in corporations and in the garage - tasted both sweet success and bitter failure. Believes that there's good in people and that everything can be done. At work, he loves openness and challenges and hates suits, ties, and legacy code.
  • Przemysław Bruski
    Przemysław Bruski
    Hates the inertia of large teams bound by corporate red tape, loves the agility of small, competent, self-organising teams. Over time, worked on many products in various technologies, ranging from the Linux kernel/drivers to JEE SOAed apps. After 8 years spent in a corporate environment as tech lead and architect, he decided to move on to greener pastures. These turned out to be that of Spartez/Atlassian's, where he's currently the architect for Atlassian Bamboo.
  • Ivan Bruzgin
    Ivan Bruzgin
  • Anna Brzezińska
    Anna Brzezińska
    Feels very lucky because her profession is also her passion. Working with people and for people is what she likes the most in her work. Been in love with employer branding for several years. After work, she's trying to be a professional mom and wife, all to the rhythm of salsa.
  • Paweł Bugalski
    Paweł Bugalski
    Java Developer who is a developer by choice and codes in Java by hand of fate. Focused on becoming a true professional by actively learning to be better at every craft-related activity. This might take him a while, since he believes that only bad developers think that they are good enough. It is Apple where he looks for inspiration for a level of quality a software product should have.
  • Alexey Chystoprudov
    Alexey Chystoprudov
    Wanted to be a knight in his young days - was a four-eyed boy with a book under his arm instead. Graduated in Kharkov, UA, and worked in different outsource companies in Ukraine, serving clients from USA, Switzerland, UK, and Australia.Knows how other companies can fuck their customers. Having in mind such experiences, now he can work with clients with respect to their needs and pains. Moved to Poland in September 2014 just to join smart people in their journey. Enjoys travelling in the company of two daughters and wife, and also likes riding a mountain bike.
  • Kamil Cichy
    Kamil Cichy
    Kamil spent 7 years in the UK (4 at uni, 3 at work). For 3 years he worked at Morgan Stanley on low latency java trading systems. Then he decided to move back to Gdańsk and join Spartez to develop Crucible and FishEye's back end. After hours he's an unrealised musician, learning to play the organ and to sing.
  • Przemysław Czuj
    Przemysław Czuj
    His passion to programming started with portable video game console. As a kid he learned C and C++. During his studies at Gdańsk University of Science he discovered other languages like Java and C#. He likes to juggle.
  • Katarzyna Derenda
    Katarzyna Derenda
    Product portfolio manager at Spartez. Powered by family & friends, theatre, British comedy, and swimming. An avid reader. Currently consuming content on linguistics and history. Previously leading the international roll-out of an edtech company, shaping both development and consulting sales/marketing teams in 100+ projects for 40 markets. Now tuned in to Atlassian JIRA users, matching their pains and gains with Spartez agile and Atlassian know-how. Software is her second love, so helping it thrive internationally is just it.
  • Michał Dyro
    Michał Dyro
    Professionally a pixel-shifter fascinated with human-computer interaction. Privately a nomad and caffeine addicted dinosaur of the interwebz (Online since 1994™) that just tries to make the web a better place.
  • Paweł Farid
    Paweł Farid
    Started coding when he was in primary school. It was hard not to since his father’s library was full of computer science and mathematics books. Didn’t consider coding as a career path for a long time, decided to apply to computer science at the eleventh hour. Enjoyed working as a software dev but eventually entered the dark side - management. As part of Atlassian partnership heads JIRA at Spartez. Tries to stay hands on as much as possible. Huge fan of board sports, including: skateboarding (too old for that stuff now), snowboarding, kite-surfing. Wastes too much time watching tv shows.
  • Andrzej Figas
    Andrzej Figas
    Management passionate with pragmatic approach to methodologies, meaning that if something is not working for you you're using it wrong. Has a broad experience in IT development - worked as a designer, developer, tester, business analyst, project and product manager. Currently helps Spartez teams to improve their work on a daily basis. University of Warsaw alumni.
  • Marcin Gardias
    Marcin Gardias
    Years of maintenance of mission-critical system under the belt. Never wanted to be a manager, though his second degree is in that field. Doing things is where the fun is. Sitting in the meetings is not. If there were no computers, he would be a mathematician.
  • Bartek Gatz
    Bartek Gatz
    Product manager on Spartez products. Wears glasses in pink frames. Hangs out with girls a lot (wife and three daughters) but also spends time on amateur carpentry, car mechanics, and his favourite hobby: retro computers from the 80s and 90s.
  • Sławomir Ginter
    Sławomir Ginter
    Co-Founder & Non-managing Partner. Never been a CEO nor wanted it. And proud of it. Knows a thing or two about how to write software in a non-messy manner. Craftsmanship, low cost of maintenance vs. cowboy coding and such. You know what it means. You can easily learn from him a lot of under-the -hood stuff about Java, JVM, Scala, functional programming, and why Javascript is the best language and why it's not.
  • Arkadiusz Głowacki
    Arkadiusz Głowacki
    Believes that legacy code is guilty anger and hunger on world and writing such should be forbidden by law. Passionate about optimizing everything that's around him. Interested in a variety of back-end technologies. Big fan of clean code and everything that's helping a programmer to faster provide products with better quality.
  • Janusz Gorycki
    Janusz Gorycki
    Co-Founder & Non-managing Partner. Used to be a CEO. Got bored of it. Now taking care of product development. Occasionally trains people in agile methodologies.
  • Kamil Grinholc
    Kamil Grinholc
    Young, fast learning Java Developer. Passionate about new technologies. In free time rides a bike, when he was 16 he made over 3100 km in less than 30 days (from Tricity to Nordkapp). Hobbies also include: video games, cooking and boardgames.
  • Michał Grzędzicki
    Michał Grzędzicki
    Learned Hello World in C on an Amiga on SAS/C compiler in the '90s. Long time linux user and admin, creator of magick patches. Interested in security, system internals and performance analysis.
  • Małgorzata Gulgowska-Kowalska
    Małgorzata Gulgowska-Kowalska
    Psychologist turned into a Product Manager. Passionate about building products that solve problems for their users. Great fan of customer-centred and data-driven approach and strong believer in the power of teamwork. Mom of three who in her free time writes a blog about children’s books.
  • Adam Jakubowski
    Adam Jakubowski
    JIRA Platform Business Engineering Manager, as part of Spartez - Atlassian partnership leads one of four JIRA bussineses. This guy is absolutely obsessed with code and computers. Started programming when he was ten in BASIC on C64. Graduated from Warsaw University of Technology with excellent grade. Has seven eight years of experience as a developer, chief architect, and team leader.
  • Michał Jezierski
    Michał Jezierski
    Web developer since 2008. He speaks JavaScript, has not-so-strong Java background and loves new technologies around JS and HTML. In his free time he contributes to open source projects on GitHub.
  • Tilwin Joy
    Tilwin Joy
  • Kamil Kaczmarczyk
    Kamil Kaczmarczyk
    Web developer with thirst for knowledge. Loves good UI and new front-end technologies. After hours, board games enthusiast and sports fan.
  • Askar Kalykov
    Askar Kalykov
    I fell in love with programming at high school: using Turbo Pascal I was modelling physics, exploring mathematics and programming small games. Today I'm interested in the direction software development industry is going - future application architecture, future IDEs, future programming workflows, etc. Besides primary work my interests are hot news from astrophysics, stackexchange and catoverflow.
  • Tomasz Kanafa
    Tomasz Kanafa
    One of those weird developers that doesn't drink or even like coffee. Addicted to computers since his first BASIC program on C64. Graduate of Gdańsk University of Technology, Java developer, Linux fan with thirst for knowledge and new technologies. Traveled much around Poland to finally come back to the roots and settle down in "Tricity". Jogging maniac, bike addict, "Futurama" fan.
  • Dominik Kapusta
    Dominik Kapusta
    Started coding on Commodore 64, when its tape drive got broken and learning how to code was the only option. After graduating from Technical University and developing in Java for a few years, he realised he loves working with people in agile fashion, maybe even more than coding alone. Quality maniac, believing that the highest productivity comes from uncompromised quality. Don't be surprised to find him birdwatching in the wild or jumping at a dubstep party.
  • Marcin Kempa
    Marcin Kempa
    Passionate Java developer who likes to attack a problem from different angles to eventually find the most suitable and elegant solution. Always willing to learn new ways of creating clean, readable, and bulletproof code. He's got some years of experience in creating enterprise systems as well as desktop applications. Believes that it is not important how good you are, it is important how good you can be.
  • Krzysztof Kercz
    Krzysztof Kercz
    Developer extraordinaire, considers himself an expert in writing beautiful code. A few years of professional experience have thought him a thing or two about delivering robust software, but he would still rather say along with Socrates: scio me nescire. (You can't do that after Tarski, though, can you?) His favorite 18th-century philosopher is Jean-Jacques Rousseau.
  • Oleg Kovalov
    Oleg Kovalov
    1993: Developer dev = new Oleg(); 2000: Math rulz. Start of the journey. 2006: Wrote my first program in Pascal. 2010: Entered Donetsk National University. Started participating in student programming competitions(aka ACM ICPC). 2014: I received a bachelor degree in computer science and later entered Gdansk University of Technology. 2015: Accomplished internship at Ivona/Amazon. 2016: Intern at Spartez in JIRA team. Hey!
  • Magdalena Kucenty
    Magdalena Kucenty
    The BOFH, aka system administrator. Do not anger Magdalena, for she has root access and isn't afraid to use it. Linux passionate, also likes to work on OS X, but only when she doesn't have to pay for it. Considers dealing with major accidents the best fun, unless she caused them. In free time reads a lot and tries her hand at writing SF and fantasy shorts. Maybe someday she'll write a novel.
  • Michał Kujałowicz
    Michał Kujałowicz
    In Testing and Quality Assurance since 2006. Did: manual and automated testing, test management, quality assurance management, team leading, coaching, test consulting. Now a Quality Assistant. Spartez changed his life completely - the way he sees testing, who should test, and what should be the role of a QA. Loves Atlassian products and loves JIRA. Hates bullshit, to customers and to employees. "Damn, I am in the right place!" Privately, happy father of two daughters and running enthusiast.
  • Maciej Kwidziński
    Maciej Kwidziński
    Maciek was responsible for designing, development, and maintaining web applications at Wirtualna Polska for 4 years. He believes that building software is an art of choosing tradeoffs. It is important to find the balance between short-term and long-term perspectives.
  • Grzegorz Lewandowski
    Grzegorz Lewandowski
    Worked as Java Developer for Soldevelo and Lufthansa. Enthusiast of JVM and Java Platform. Personally likes endurance sports and spends almost every vacation hitchhiking in the Polish mountains.
  • Bartłomiej Lewandowski
    Bartłomiej Lewandowski
    Young, ambitious Java developer. Passionate about new technologies and clean code. Favorite activities include: rock climbing, violin playing and sleeping.
  • Roman Lutsiv
    Roman Lutsiv
    Passioned about products and technologies changing people life to better. Strongly believes into collective decisions and compromise, but not afraid of making the decisions fast. Started as Java developer but then switched to the dark (management) side. The only thing did not change - the belief that people acting as the team is what makes project a success. Married, father of 2 daughters. Fan of Formula 1 and Ferrari racing team. Lives in Poland since Jun 2015 after relocating from Ukraine.
  • Jakub Łaziński
    Jakub Łaziński
    Experienced Product Manager with technical background, passionate about building a bullet proof developer platforms, world class Developer Experience (DX) and designing "beautiful" APIs. Opinionated about User Interface designs and User Experience, believes that building a great and impactful product requires sweat, blood and tears. Graduate from Computer Science on Cracow University of Technology, traveller, fun of crime and non-fiction books, gadgets addict, makes things done.
  • Karol Łopaciński
    Karol Łopaciński
    Started coding on his C64 at a young age, went from Java to .NET and back again in his professional career. When not learning Haskell or hacking his Arduino, is also a natural language and history geek. Enjoys reading and hiking.
  • Mateusz Makowski
    Mateusz Makowski
    Young, passionate Java developer. Previously worked as intern in Atos Polska. Keeps focus on learning and values. Aware of his weaknesses and strengths. Loves simplicity and good design. After hours likes to play video games, do sports and learn new technologies.
  • Konrad Marszałek
    Konrad Marszałek
    Highly creative professional focused on software quality aspect. He likes to Implement simple solutions that make a difference. Especially in open and agile companies which let him to try out things. With background in computational physics he loves to identify patterns and solve complex problems. Moved from polish silicon valley (Kraków) to beautiful Spartez seaside quarter (Gdańsk) to bring his family closer to relatives. He loves water related sports like swimming, diving, or sailing.
  • Syed Masood
    Syed Masood
  • Victor Debone
    Victor Debone
    Started programming when he was 12 hacking through Lua scripts. Since then kept diving deeper into the field and found in web a way of being paid to do what he loves. Knows how to throw a boomerang. Two spaces, CamelCase, same line brackets and lots of coffee. Looking for the right question of life, universe and everything else.
  • Paweł Mazur
    Paweł Mazur
    Former Math Teacher. Fan of hard old school SF and pen and paper role-playing games. Asked about favourite free time activity says: "Just hang out with family." Other activities include : traveling, bow shooting and playing guitar (he says that he is not good, just like to play it). When asked about characteristic answered :"Stubborn and impatient". As his greatest achievement he considers his wife :-).
  • Mateusz Miara
    Mateusz Miara
  • Sebastian Miałkowski
    Sebastian Miałkowski
    Started coding 7 years ago in C++  and decided to move to Java 4 years ago. Believes that the best way to learn is by gathering experience.  Thinks that the best way to be successful is to never give up. In free time loves to read good book or run(specially in cold winter days).
  • Aleksander Mierzwicki
    Aleksander Mierzwicki
    His passion is clean code. Loves Java for portability and hates it for being so lame. In free time, he greps random files in the root file system to find something new. So, if you're using Windows, then keep an eye on your computer - that Linux fanboy will install Debian for you when you're out for lunch!
  • Paweł Murawski
    Paweł Murawski
    Interested in all kind of technologies, especially web applications, mobile and game development. He's seen some shitty code out there (and probably also wrote some himself), so now he tries to write in a clean, readable manner. In his spare time he likes to play board games, travel, ride a bike, or... do some more coding!
  • Paweł Niegowski
    Paweł Niegowski
    Self-taught gamedev enthusiast with a decade’s worth of half-finished personal projects, now refining his skills as a Java dev. A dreamer raised on sci-fi books for whom the future can’t come soon enough. Fan of competitive games of all kinds, be it board, card or PC.
  • Maciej Nowakowski
    Maciej Nowakowski
    Open for each single new technology to work with. Switching between various toolsets is not a problem. Always honest, never sweeps under the carpet. People outside the industry actually neither know what he does nor can remember his specialization. Hates suits.
  • Michał Nykiel
    Michał Nykiel
    Interested in computers and tech ever since he can remember. Started programming in Turbo Pascal in the '90s, then switched to C/C++, did some PHP, Java and C#. Finally discovered the beauty of JavaScript and stayed with it for good. Loves functional programming, hates side-effects. Planning poker is his second favorite poker, after Texas hold'em. When he's not coding he likes to play basketball and enjoy some good single malt whisky, not necessarily in that order.
  • Marcin Oleś
    Marcin Oleś
    Passionate about programming since his early age. After being stuck in PHP environment, he decided to call it a day and change his fate by joining Spartez as a Java developer. His hobbies include travel, e-sports, and board games, he also enjoys playing chess.
  • Michał Orzechowski
    Michał Orzechowski
    Worked in every-possible-size company, from startup to corporation. Always followed (and follows!) the rule: if you are unable to change organization you work in, it's time to change the organization. In Spartez he's a Java developer who learns how to write good JavaScript code. Member of JIRA team. Loves company values and the fact that they are followed company-wide everyday. Is here because of great people with no bullshit attitude. Interested in dynamic languages for JVM platform (Groovy, JRuby) and JVM itself. Co-founder of
  • Zbyszko Papierski
    Zbyszko Papierski
    Geeky developer who believes that every problem requires only some form of a screwdriver to solve (preferably a sonic one). Wrote a birthday card program in BASIC at the age of 7, moved to other programming languages since then. Privately a father, husband, SF fan and a hopeless gamer. Wears clothes no one over the age of 12 should wear.
  • Marek Parfianowicz
    Marek Parfianowicz
    Wrote his first program in Pascal in 1992 using a pencil and a sheet of paper. Graduated in computer science from Gdańsk University of Technology in 2004 and started a career as C/C++/Java developer in Lufthansa Systems. Loves topics related with the source code quality, code metrics, static analysis, and the test automation.
  • Imran Parvez
    Imran Parvez
    Imran is a UX designer from Hyderabad, India. I've primarily worked with startups before Spartez. I occasionally blog and sometimes get featured too. Here are some fun facts about me: I designed a spinal implant as a part of my Masters project; I've got 4 Bonsai trees and been growing them for 2 years now; I designed and sold notebooks which are meant for UX Designers (my first entrepreneurial stint); I've designed and built a webapplication for hiring, when I was searching for a job.
  • Łukasz Pater
    Łukasz Pater
    A high efficiency caffeine-to-software processing pipeline. Supply with chocolate regularly for optimal performance. Spontaneous profanities emissions might occur during extended operation.
  • Artur Pawelczyk
    Artur Pawelczyk
  • Sebastian Pawlak
    Sebastian Pawlak
    New technologies enthusiast and always thirsty for knowledge. Loves active recreation and many team sports as a player and as a fan. Board games fanatic.
  • Patryk Petrowski
    Patryk Petrowski
    A backend developer not afraid of frontend technologies. Fast learner, eager to raise up to new challenges. Allergic to legacy code, overly bloated frameworks and bureaucracy. Enjoys photography and indie music. Automotive nerd.
  • Vitalii Petrychuk
    Vitalii Petrychuk
    Vitalii moved from Ukraine in May 2015. He is a front-end developer that cares about end-users. He loves his job - that's why he spends a lot of free time learning new things that can be useful for project or company, or just for fun.
  • Marek Piwnicki
    Marek Piwnicki
    Engineer focused on testing and quality. Like to see things simple. If something is too complex it needs to be split to separate pieces. Constantly looking for new challenges, ideas, knowledge. Hard cases makes us think and thinking make us smarter. There is no limitation of brain capacity just need to work on that. Trying to live healthily and very very close to nature. Passioned in photography, traveling and anime (Ghibli rules!).
  • Krzysztof Piwowar
    Krzysztof Piwowar
    Slayer of the Dragons, defender of JIRA, and secret agent of Design department. Usually can be seen in the office with a bunch of colourful post-it notes, sharpies, scissors, and a strange smile on his face, so be warned. He's User Experience practitioner and has been working in digital business for eight years. His motto is: Think Outside the Box, but Don't Forget the Box Exists. Probably, that's why he keeps asking two questions in the first place: why and what's the context.
  • Maria Posternak
    Maria Posternak
    Was born in Kaliningrad, but spent her childhood and a part of youth in Kyiv, where she graduated from a design university. Used to work in media, marketing, and e-commerce companies as an illustrator, graphic and UX/UI designer. Moved to Poland in July 2014. Feels herself happy when creating beautiful things, taking photos, traveling, and acquiring new knowledge and skills. When not doing those activities, she reads books about art and cooks Italian dishes.
  • Filip Rogaczewski
    Filip Rogaczewski
    Filip is somewhat crazy guy, loving adrenaline (thus coding in Java and Scala). If you can't see him in an ambulance or a chopper taking him to a hospital from skis, a parachute, or a paraglider, you can find him hacking days and nights.
  • Simone Russo
    Simone Russo
    Started coding in C at the age of 13 because he was bored. After living in 3 different cities and 2 countries, he decided to settle in the lovely town of Gdańsk. Hobbies include cooking pasta, playing videogames and sweating in saunas.
  • Maciej Rzymski
    Maciej Rzymski
    Maciek is pursuing a Master's degree in Computer Science at the Gdańsk University of Technology. Web and JavaScript enthusiast. Prefers simplicity over complexity. Passionate about code quality, UX and performance. He has a keen eye for detail. Enjoys variety of sport activities, especially crossfit and mountain hiking.
  • Wojciech Seliga
    Wojciech Seliga
    Co-Founder & Managing Partner. Spartez CEO. Focused on the growth of the business, the culture, and the values. The main person visible outside of the company (at numerous conferences and events), where he shares his experience, the vision, and quite controversial opinions on our industry. Sometimes he is still able to find time to run a deep development or admin training about Atlassian tools. Codes practically only at home and at night.
  • Paweł Skierczyński
    Paweł Skierczyński
    Considers himself natural born lucky and thinks he lives in the best of all possible worlds. Obsessed with games mechanics (both computer and board games). You can find him on a dance floor on any good salsa party around. Prefers smart and elegant solutions - that's why he fell in love with Erlang from the first sight. Doesn't believe in magical algorithms or libraries - has to understand how they work and what their limits are before he uses them. Some say he talks too much and they're probably right :).
  • Damian Skrodzki
    Damian Skrodzki
    Passionate about writing clean code after the Uncle Bob broke his paradigms. Interested in personal development to improve focus and performance of work. Enjoys bike trips. His dream is to have his own backyard and play there as a gardener.
  • Adam Slaski
    Adam Slaski
    Graduate of the University of Warsaw. Previously worked in Warsaw for Syncron (a Swedish company) and DSV (a Danish company). Always been working with Java, but prefers thinking of himself as a software developer rather than a Java developer. In spare time a hitchhiker and travel junkie.
  • Lucyna Sojka
    Lucyna Sojka
    Combines her passion for the tech world, employer branding as well as collaborating with, and for people in her daily work. Born and raised in Kraków - probably the best city in the whole world. Finds reading, wandering and exploring the world, hanging out with friends the most interesting activities. Believes that "we know ourselves only to the extent we have been tested.
  • Iwona Stankiewicz
    Iwona Stankiewicz
    Product Management enthusiast and passionate advocate of data-driven approach to product development. Her areas of expertise focus around web applications usability and performance. Born and bread electronics engineer, she gets XKCD humor, has low standards of fashion, feels the pain of server outages, can draw boxes and arrows, and is just close enough to the metal to know that stuff doesn’t happen by magic alone.
  • Piotr Stefaniak
    Piotr Stefaniak
    As a man in disguise, Stefan does not want to reveal his real personal information. As you know, you can destroy the real wizard only by calling his true name.
  • Przemysław Stępski
    Przemysław Stępski
  • Maciej Swinarski
    Maciej Swinarski
    His name is Mac. He's been working in the Java world for 10+ years now. Proud member of the Fisheye & Crucible team. In his free time, he loves traveling, motorcycling, making music, movies, and recently he's fallen in love in triathlon. His next goal is to finish the crazy Iron Man race.
  • Michał Ścibisz
    Michał Ścibisz
  • Mateusz Szerszyński
    Mateusz Szerszyński
    Proud young Spartan. Still a student, also front-end passionate. Prefers Vi over Emacs. In his free time bookworm, Star Wars fan, and movie maniac. Loves Elvis Presley and believes that he still lives on the Bahamas (or somewhere).
  • Dariusz Szuksztul
    Dariusz Szuksztul
    Old as C++, solid as Java, expressive as Groovy, elastic as Python, logic as Haskell, witty as... JavaScript! But sometimes logic as JavaScript, straightforward as Scala, fast as PHP, and bright as BrainF***. :)
  • Bartosz Szulc
    Bartosz Szulc
    Passionate about testing, which means asking the hard questions. What do you need? Why do you need it? How will you know it is what you need? What do you expect to gain from it? Prepare answers, he will ask them. Interested in Software Development, as it's considered a great source of issues. Not only issues with the software itself, but product ideas, development methodologies, techniques, processes and practices. Where everything, every decision you make, depends on the underlying context. Once the issue is challenging enough, he will spend days understanding its root cause, its impact, and potential solutions, hopefully addressing the source.
  • Piotr Święcicki
    Piotr Święcicki
    Graduate of Gdańsk University of Technology, gained his first technical experience working for several years for Wirtualna Polska S.A. Moved then for 7 years to the UK to work for PlusNet PLC and South Yorkshire Police just to realise the grass is not that greener there and came back to Gdańsk, his place of origin.
  • Grzegorz Tańczyk
    Grzegorz Tańczyk
    Born exactly one year before the Chernobyl disaster; turning dreams into reality ever since then.
  • Oleksandr Tkachenko
    Oleksandr Tkachenko
    Believe that everything in this world can be done, just need to define a goal. Like to contribute in a big projects that will lead the industry and will be used by thousands of users. After the work - happy father of a little princess. Ukrainian, living in Poland since April 2015.
  • Anna Walicka
    Anna Walicka
    New technologies enthusiast. Her life motto is: "While the difficult takes time, the impossible just takes a little longer."
  • Marek Went
    Marek Went
    Co-founder and Managing Partner. CEO. Responsible for ensuring that the company does not collapse quicker than it grows - administration, logistics, accounting, legal aspects. Also handles money (don't hit him with a bus, please). Works 80h a week and thus still finds time to do some coding.
  • Łukasz Włodarczyk
    Łukasz Włodarczyk
    First and foremost is not let anyone down. On the contrary - he tends to get things to the highest gear at the nearest opportunity. Believes that if one does anything, one might do it at the best of his abilities. Aims to put passion and uncompromising dedication to anything he does. (See those four drinks there? Drinking them all at once!) Has a C/C++ background but has always been leaning towards Java. Now he's diving deep into Python and Javascript. Finds himself comfortable with the most complex algorithms and problems, always aiming to emerge with simple and elegant solutions.
  • Grzegorz Wódkowski
    Grzegorz Wódkowski
    Graduate of Gdańsk University of Technology. Interested in software testing. He likes cycling, good movies, and MOG (multiplayer online games). Beginner diver. Makes our office awesome and our employees and customers happy.
  • Paweł Wodkowski
    Paweł Wodkowski
    UX/UI Designer working on Atlassian DevTools, but always more than happy to share his visual design expertise with other teams. Born and raised in Eastern Poland. Proud citizen of Gdańsk since the early 2000s (with a small, one-year affair with Poznań). Before Spartez he has worked on more than 300 projects around the world - for both small startups and big enterprises. He once said he would never touch Git, how do times change... He loves rounded fonts and Cool Gray Pantones. He has a beautiful brown Labrador Retriever called Kovu.
  • Krystian Wróblewski
    Krystian Wróblewski
    Programmer by day, by night dark avenger. ;P
  • Michał Wyrzykowski
    Michał Wyrzykowski
    Likes searching for and solving problems. Appreciates clean code and intelligent people. He confesses superiority of Linux over everything else. Happy with travel, sailing, Civ V, and spending time with his little son.
  • Magdalena Zacharczuk
    Magdalena Zacharczuk
    Likes interdisciplinary multitasking, undertaking creative challenges, jumping into deep water and overcoming her fear of heights. Currently on a quest across the uncharted territory of product marketing at Spartez. Blond but should not be judged by appearance. Beware.
  • Cezary Zawadka
    Cezary Zawadka
    As an amateur, he started coding in 1991, then he turned professional in 1997. Since then, he has touched C++, Java, PHP, SQL, HTML, JavaScript, at least dozen of similar technologies, and had to handle frustrated users. Nowadays, spends his spare time with his sons and playing tennis.
  • Mateusz Zieliński
    Mateusz Zieliński
    Passionate about IT and physics. Wrote his first computer program when he was 10. Since 2011 professional software developer. Has seen a lot of crappy code and first and foremost is trying not to write such. After work spends time training his piano skills and playing squash.
  • Ilya Zinoviev
    Ilya Zinoviev
    Started learning Pascal at school because it was the way to escape classes. While studing at university started working in a big software company. Relocated from Russia to Gdansk to realize the dream of writing a product which can enjoy its' users.
  • Bartłomiej Zięba
    Bartłomiej Zięba
  • Tomasz Zwierzchowski
    Tomasz Zwierzchowski
    He’s a polyglot who speaks couple of Java-ish and few Human languages. He wrote his first Hello World in Basic on ancient ZX Spectrum and has been eating code for breakfast ever since. After work he’s a huge Doctor Who fan and cheap-flight traveler. As a proper introvert he always thinks inside the box, because it’s bigger on the inside.
  • Mikołaj Żyromski
    Mikołaj Żyromski
    Was working for a corporation for a while (learned lots of stuff there), now enjoying awesomeness of agile workplace at Spartez. A proud father of three and a happy husband of one. Fancies: crafting clean, quality code (constantly learning - Uncle Bob, please guide me!), running (hoping to run a marathon one day), progressive rock (weird rhythms and endless solos FTW!), mountain hiking.
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