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Here is the awesome Spartez Software team

  • Adrian Bilicz
    Adrian Bilicz
  • Sławomir Ginter
    Sławomir Ginter
    Co-Founder and CEO of Spartez Software. Knows a thing or two about how to write software in a non-messy manner. Craftsmanship, low cost of maintenance vs. cowboy coding, and such. You know what it means. You can easily learn from him a lot of under-the-hood stuff about Java, JVM, Scala, functional programming, and why Javascript is the best language and why it's not.
  • Janusz Gorycki
    Janusz Gorycki
    Co-Founder & Non-managing Partner. Used to be a CEO. Got bored of it. Now taking care of product development. Occasionally trains people in agile methodologies.
  • Agnieszka Józwiak
    Agnieszka Józwiak
  • Vasilii Kizhaev
    Vasilii Kizhaev
  • Klaudia Bernacka
    Klaudia Bernacka
  • Oleksii Kovalenko
    Oleksii Kovalenko
  • Roman Lutsiv
    Roman Lutsiv
    Passioned about products and technologies changing people's lives for the better. Strongly believes in collective decisions and compromise, but not afraid of making the decisions fast. Started as a Java developer but then switched to the dark (management) side. The only thing that did not change - the belief that people acting as a team is what makes a project a success. Married, father of 2 daughters. Fan of Formula 1 and Ferrari racing team. Lives in Poland since Jun 2015 after relocating from Ukraine.
  • Kit Tin Mak
    Kit Tin Mak
  • Antonina Marikhina
    Antonina Marikhina
    She has full education as a choir conductor, but because of passion for Java, decided to pivot her career to software development. Believes that "if you want it, you can get it.
  • Paweł Mazur
    Paweł Mazur
    Former Math Teacher. Fan of hard old school SF and pen and paper role-playing games. Asked about favourite free time activity says: "Just hang out with family." Other activities include : traveling, bow shooting and playing guitar (he says that he is not good, just like to play it). When asked about characteristic answered :"Stubborn and impatient". As his greatest achievement he considers his wife :-).
  • Michał Nykiel
    Michał Nykiel
    Interested in computers and tech ever since he can remember. Started programming in Turbo Pascal in the '90s, then switched to C/C++, did some PHP, Java and C#. Finally discovered the beauty of JavaScript and stayed with it for good. Loves functional programming, hates side-effects. Planning poker is his second favorite poker, after Texas hold'em. When he's not coding he likes to play basketball and enjoy some good single malt whisky, not necessarily in that order.
  • Piotr Buczek
    Piotr Buczek
    A highly creative and ambitious developer who has much attention to detail, the ability to gain new knowledge quickly, and to work independently. As a hobby, he likes running, creating music, and computer games. Always says: "you can learn anything, you only need to have determination”.
  • Piotr Dobrzański
    Piotr Dobrzański
    DevOps who has grown out of the Sysadmin tree and who worked with systems ranging from tiny to ~100 000 servers. He has been working with broad sets of technologies. Currently, he's mostly into cloud systems and CI/CD. Wants to make a real difference.
  • Bruno Raymundo
    Bruno Raymundo
    Enthralled by computers and technology since childhood. Focused on translating difficult technical issues into human readable format. An old school nerd at heart, loves playing Dungeons & Dragons. When not geeking out, is usually seen travelling.
  • Wojciech Seliga
    Wojciech Seliga
    Co-Founder & Managing Partner. Spartez CEO. Focused on the growth of the business, the culture, and the values. The main person visible outside of the company (at numerous conferences and events), where he shares his experience, the vision, and quite controversial opinions on our industry. Sometimes he is still able to find time to run a deep development or admin training about Atlassian tools. Codes practically only at home and at night.
  • Grzegorz Tańczyk
    Grzegorz Tańczyk
    Born exactly one year before the Chernobyl disaster; turning dreams into reality ever since then.
  • Szymon Walkowski
    Szymon Walkowski
    Like to code in Java and C#. But to be honest, technology does not matter so much to me, only the creation of something that is used by others and helps them on a daily basis, that's what motivates me the most. I love to play games, cook and bake in my free time.
  • Marek Went
    Marek Went
    Co-founder and Managing Partner. CEO. Responsible for ensuring that the company does not collapse quicker than it grows - administration, logistics, accounting, legal aspects. Also handles money (don't hit him with a bus, please). Works 80h a week and thus still finds time to do some coding.
  • Grzegorz Wódkowski
    Grzegorz Wódkowski
    Graduate of Gdańsk University of Technology. Interested in software testing. He likes cycling, good movies, and MOG (multiplayer online games). Beginner diver. Makes our office awesome and our employees and customers happy.
  • Oleh Zheleznyak
    Oleh Zheleznyak
    Experienced team leader and software craftsman. Believes that most productive teams are built around self-motivated individuals full of passion for the products they develop. Addicted to staying up to date with technology, learning new stuff and improving his skills, be it new cloud products, or time-proven people management techniques. A husband, and a father of two boys. He spends most of his free time either with his family, running, meditating or terrorizing people around him with his guitar practice.
  • Bartłomiej Zięba
    Bartłomiej Zięba
  • Paulina Wiśniewska
    Paulina Wiśniewska
  • Paulina Kęska
    Paulina Kęska
    Thrives when she can help people. Prioritizes being fast and honest. Her job is also her hobby. In the free time, Paulina enjoys learning about Psycholinguistics as she is fascinated with both Psychology and learning new languages.
  • Łukasz Matuszewski
    Łukasz Matuszewski
    Former hydro-technical designer and sailing instructor. Inspired by the possibilities and the impact that software development allows to have. Likes a positive approach and delivering high-quality stuff. In love with sports. Played in the amateur basketball league for a couple of years. Trained tennis in the local club. But the primary discipline was and always will be skiing.
  • Maciej Saganowski
    Maciej Saganowski
  • Angelika Troka
    Angelika Troka
  • Beata Półtorak
    Beata Półtorak
    Fits the right people into the right jobs, makes her family and friends happier by feeding them with yummy food, involves the local issues as a volunteer. Reading books and listening to music are the extravagances that make her truly content.
  • Lena Yaseneva
    Lena Yaseneva
    Not a tech geek and didn’t assemble my own computer as a baby like most of my beloved colleagues. I am really good in biology and languages, yet somehow my career got gradually more technical and I’m loving it! Big animal enthusiast, I LOVE them and know a lot about nature. :)

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