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Bringing agile teams together

with 3-step toolkit
  • Plan

    • Estimate to deliver on time
    • Integrate seamlessly with Jira Software
    • Visualize voting results
    • Timebox voting and discussion
  • Deliver

    • Engage everyone to deliver as a team
    • Print single and multiple issues
    • Manage cards templates (create, edit, copy, delete)
    • Browse templates with live print preview
  • Improve

    • Retrospect to improve a process by using our 4-step process
    • Simplify retrospective meetings for distributed teams
    • Get action items in the end of each meeting and turn them into Jira issues with one click

Agile Cards help us connect the virtual work inside Jira to the real world. It's much easier to talk about content and status of stories and tasks when we can physically touch them.

We love to use a physical board to track our work but also need to use Jira because that's how we are cooperating with stakeholders, the product owner and colleagues working from remote locations. Agile Cards allows for both, simple daily team interactions and keeping stakeholders in the loop via Jira updates using a single board photo.

I was pleasantly surprised at how well Agile Poker was integrated into the Jira backlog both Scrum and Kanban boards.

Why Spartez?

  • 3000+ customers

  • 89 countries

  • 5 star support

  • 112 employees

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