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Agile Cards for JIRA

Print JIRA issues, work with physical task board, and photo-sync your board status with JIRA.

Agile Poker Enterprise for JIRA

Collaborative estimating for JIRA with live updates.

Canned Responses for JIRA

Reuse comments in JIRA and Service Desk.

TeamHire for JIRA

Easily bring the whole team in on hiring
the best candidates.

Supporting great teams worldwide


Asynchronous issue estimating for distributed teams in JIRA

Agile Poker Enterprise for JIRA is now offering two estimation modes: interactive and asynchronous. Both modes focus on teamwork as key element of accurate planning. Live sessions are consensus-based estimations based on Planning PokerĀ® methodology. Asynchronous estimating mode is inspired by consultative techniques like Wideband Delphi and PERT analysis.

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