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Cogniance: TFS4JIRA saves time & optimizes ROI

Agnieszka Józwiak
Agnieszka Józwiak
Apr 18th, 2016

Cogniance co-creates technology products in partnership with startups through to Fortune 500 companies. Their engineers and designers work with innovators and entrepreneurs worldwide to define, build, launch and evolve market-winning products that forge lasting relationships with customers. Cogniance has completed more than 300 projects using Atlassian Jira® as its main tool for project management, including issues and ticket processing.

Problem: integrating Microsoft TFS and Atlassian Jira

Cogniance partnered with a Fortune 500 company to co-create and support one of their new innovative products. As part of the support process, Cogniance was required to integrate the partner’s existing Microsoft Team Foundation Server (TFS) with Jira in order to provide level 4 support (development tier), in addition to the current levels 1-3 that are managed in TFS. This process included end-to-end alignment between the customer support team and the engineering support team, including new issues notification, customer Q&A, customer support updates, engineering support updates, and more within a fast-paced, error-free environment.

Process: evaluating available options

Based on the requirements, Cogniance had two options:

  1. Assign manual synchronization tasks to team members.
  2. Find a synchronization tool that could automatically synchronize TFS work items and Jira issues.

Cogniance analyzed the partner support structure and noted that tickets were issued in different time zones around the world and with high volatility in the number of issues generated each day. We realized that a manual task would not work since some tickets had short SLA timeframes. Cogniance decided to proceed with option 2 in order to find the best synchronization tool to integrate TFS and Jira.

Cogniance found that the TFS4JIRA add-on on the Atlassian Marketplace was the perfect solution for the problem. It connects with the Cogniance Jira server to allow for effortless and automatic synchronization between the systems as well as the support team at all levels. It has minimized delays, mistakes, and annoying tasks like attachment reloading between systems.

Solution: TFS4JIRA saves time and optimizes ROI

Now that TFS4JIRA has been integrated and all the issues and work items are linked, the customer support process has been optimized, saving up to an hour per day for both parties. It is providing up to date notifications about changes and updates, and has improved our overall engineering productivity and capacity by providing up to 3 months per year of additional developer capacity.

From a business perspective, an additional benefit is that the plugin operates on both Microsoft TFS and Atlassian Jira® software, so both teams were able to continue using their preferred systems without losing time and optimizing the ROI.

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