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Email job candidates directly from JIRA. Email job candidates directly from JIRA. Email job candidates directly from JIRA. Study your process data, improve specific stages Study your process data, improve specific stages Study your process data, improve specific stages

You may be interested in TeamHire for JIRA if your hiring process meets the following criteria:

  • Complex with many stakeholders

Your open positions require extensive skills and experience. Multiple stakeholders participate at interviews, screening calls or check coding tests.

  • Requires expert evaluators

You want to engage your team members during the candidate evaluation stages to increase the quality of your hires.

  • Depends on speed

You work in a competitive candidate market that is unforgiving of any flaws or gaps in the hiring process.

With TeamHire for JIRA, we aim to extend team engagement in hiring beyond referral programs. Candidate evaluations by existing team members will positively affect the quality of your hiring process.

About TeamHire for JIRA

TeamHire is built on top of JIRA, bringing its power to the recruitment process with the following features:

  • Customizable workflow and custom fields, allowing you to model any process
  • User management and access control
  • Easy internal communication by comments, mentions, notifications and evaluations
  • Search and reporting

TeamHire extends JIRA to provide hiring-specific functionality in the following areas:

  • Applicant portal (the apply form)
  • Email integration
  • Recruiting workflow automation
  • Recruiting process analytics.

By building the tool on top of JIRA we help existing JIRA users work more efficiently. Plus, our users work in the world’s best tracking tool.


Early Adopters want more flexibility with TeamHire

When we started work on TeamHire for JIRA, we knew that for some of our colleagues working in HR, JIRA® in its raw form, can be a scary, hard to tame beast. That's why we thought a custom Candidate issue view would be useful. Much to our surprise, most of our early adopters missed the power of a regular issue view. Does it mean that JIRA can bring to hiring a lot more than we initially assumed?

Why TeamHire

Customized evaluation templates

Multi-stage hiring requires evaluating candidates from different perspectives. With TeamHire you can design evaluation forms to be filled, shared and followed-up on by the interviewers.

The power of JIRA: search and filters

Use the power of Issue Navigator to search and filter specific applications. Use the "cvContent~" query to search in the attached resume.

The candidate Time in Status Report

The hiring process reports section contains two report types: Time in Status and The Hiring Funnel. Study your process for each job opening to reveal bottlenecks and address them.

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