Take the Spartez One Day Challenge, Poznań!

Are you a Java or Web Developer looking to upgrade your career and make a direct impact on products used by millions of users in companies like NASA, EA, AirBnB and others?

Here’s your chance!

The idea

An informal survey amongst friends and colleagues showed us that one of the biggest deterrents to an upward career move, was the whole recruitment process! Everyone has their own horror stories. We at Spartez think that looking for a positive change should actually be a fun process, where you, as a candidate are at your best because you are having fun!

Thus, we came up with The Spartez Challenge.

So, if you are a Java or Web Developer, who would like to upgrade their career and live and work in the beautiful Tricity, here’s your chance. Take the Spartez Challenge!

If you make it through the challenge, we will help you relocate to the Tricity. Read more about our relocation support here.

P.S. If you know someone who would fit the role, refer them and get loads of karma points and a great referral reward!

Step 1


Ends 13 February 2019

Start the challenge by checking out the open positions and filling the form.

Once we have validated your application, you will be invited to the next step.

Step 2

Online Pair Programming

13-21 February 2019

Everyone who has passed the first step will then be invited to a 60 minutes Online Pair Programming test.

This test will be scheduled at a time convenient to you and will be moderated by a Spartez Developer.

Pass this test and you are one step closer to becoming a Spartan!

Step 3

We Are Coming To Poznań!

23 February 2019

You are now at the penultimate step of the Spartan Challenge!

Candidates who have passed the Online Pair Programming test will then be invited to meet the Spartez Developer team for their final interviews.

We expect it to take no more than 2-3 hours. This interview could be in person or via Skype

Why us?

Started in 2007 by a few friends who got together and decided that they wanted to be part of something where the customer was at the heart of what they did. They wanted a place where creativity was respected, a place where you had the chance to showcase your skills and learn new ones. A place where technology changed the way businesses worked.

When they could not find a place like that, they created one! They build themselves a super-skilled, supercharged team known for rethinking ways in which teams work, innovating processes and changing the way businesses work. They are Spartez!

Spartez is a Gold Solution Partner of Atlassian. Spartez, one of the very first vendors on the Atlassian Marketplace, focuses on the Atlassian and agile ecosystem and offers useful tools for both Server and Cloud. We also offer solid support to customers and evaluators. Our world-class products include Agile Cards for Jira, Agile Poker for Jira, Canned Responses Pro for Jira, Asset Tracker for Jira and TFS4JIRA amongst others.

We are also responsible for the product strategy, design and engineering of Jira, Bamboo, Crowd, FishEye & Crucible for Atlassian.

Our Agile Cards and TFS4JIRA add-ons are consistently among the best selling Jira add-ons in the Atlassian Marketplace.

Today, Spartez is perhaps one of the best companies to work for in Poland and the CEE region (We don’t say it, our employees do!). We have some of the brightest minds in the industry working for us, an awesome office and a diverse team of over 150 Spartans from 15 different countries, speaking 16 different languages. Like we said, once you are a Spartan, you never wanna be anything else.

So, if you are hungry to grow your career and get recognized for your skills, your journey starts now.

Open Positions

Java Developers

We're looking for developers who are passionate about writing great software, have a love for solving difficult problems, enjoy learning about new technologies and contributing to products used by millions of people.

Remuneration (Gross per month) Mids: 11 000 - 16 000 PLN
Seniors: 16 000 - 21 000 PLN
Principals: 21 000 - 27 000 PLN

Web Developers

We’re looking for full-stack developers focused on JavaScript and passionate about building great product experiences for millions of users. We are looking for someone who enjoys solving complex problems with elegant practical code and loves to challenge other tech-savvy people around them.

Remuneration (Gross per month) Mids: 11 000 - 16 000 PLN
Seniors: 16 000 - 21 000 PLN
Principals: 21 000 - 27 000 PLN

Get to know us better

Why Gdańsk

What makes Gdańsk and the Tricity such an amazing place to work and live in? The unbroken coastline, truly modern and well-connected cities, pollution free air, amenities or the fact that year after year, we have been voted one of the best cities in Europe? Let’s hear what the Spartans have to say.

Java Developers at Spartez

Spartez is growing by leaps and bounds and we are looking for talented and passionate Java Developers. Here are some of our team leaders talking about the exciting stuff they are working on and the kind of people (probably you!) they are looking for.

Web Developers at Spartez

We're looking for Web Developers focused on JavaScript, passionate about the product and building great experiences for millions of users. Here are some of our developers talking about the exciting stuff they are working on who they are looking for.