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Time to Focus on Tech Products – Why did Spartez Software Spin Off

Agnieszka Józwiak
Agnieszka Józwiak
Jan 27th, 2020

The beginning of the new year (and a decade as well) is a perfect time for a 2019 recap. And we must say – it's been quite a year! Now, although phrases like "dynamic growth" or "scaling up business" are too close to be clichés, they reflect what was happening at Spartez throughout the last 12 months.

The intense development of apps for Jira software and Atlassian Marketplace has led to a revolutionary change in the Spartez organization. Spartez Software came to life and has turned into an autonomic tech products vendor.

While Spartez's mothership concentrates on a technological partnership with Atlassian, Spartez Software has taken an entire responsibility for developing and supporting Apps for Jira.

Tech products for Jira software and Atlassian Marketplace

It didn’t come out of anywhere. On the contrary, app development tailored for Jira was one of Spartez’s business pillars.

A bit of retrospection here to get the full picture:

  • Over a decade ago, back in 2009, Spartans launched its first commercial product – Agile Cards for Jira, which blazed their trail to become one of the top vendors in the Atlassian ecosystem.
  • Four years later, Spartez reinforced its tech products portfolio with new releases and celebrated the first million dollars in revenue from selling their flag applications.
  • In 2014, Spartez teamed up with Atlassian to work on guidelines for Jira Cloud apps on the Atlassian marketplace. As a natural consequence of this cooperation, Spartez entered the pioneer elite of Jira Cloud app vendors, with Agile Cards for Jira plugin.
  • During the following years, Spartez has proven its world-class quality by launching new applications for Jira Cloud, such as TFS4Jira (2015) or Agile Poker (2016).
  • With thousands of downloads from all over the world, apps developed by Spartans have made their way to the list of bestsellers on the Atlassian marketplace.
  • This march to glory has led Spartez to become Atlassian Gold Solutions Partner and Gold Top Vendor in 2018, and a Platinum Top Vendor in 2019!

So, 2019 was an ideal time for a meaningful decision. Spartez Software was born to take care of Spartez’s app development heritage.

Here are the six reasons why Spartez Software spins off as a separate company and a stand-alone Jira plugin vendor:

Agile Poker for Jira – plan, estimate and have fun

The second product is an ideal solution for all agile teams. So, if your development team has implemented Agile in their everyday projects, they know how vital it is to estimate their work accurately. How to manage the process to avoid project management bottlenecks and deliver entire products or features on time?

Agile Poker for Jira comes handy. This toolkit is inspired by Wideband Delphi and Planning Poker™. The planning poker method brought both – rationality and fun to the sprint planning table. Hiding the estimations from other players helps to avoid a situation when a team member speaks his number out loud, and the others might adjust their estimates to meet that number.

Planning poker is designed to force developers to think independently and prevent them from over- or underestimating the time they need to invest in their stories and tasks.

But what if your company works with distributed teams who can’t sit down to the table and play (physical) cards?

Then, Agile Poker for Jira is a way to go.

With that tool, you can take the planning poker gamification method and pursue it directly from Jira backlog. This way, you can precisely plan your sprints even with remote employees located in different time zones

Canned Response Pro Templates for Jira – no more typing the same messages

With an insane pace of life and work, projects, and tasks piling up, every minute of your work becomes a precious asset.

This is where the beauty of automation tools lies – as soon as you let your apps do the repetitive and mundane work for you, you can reclaim your time and invest it in something meaningful.

Just like Chat for Jira, the Canned Response Pro plugin looks after the work time of customer support teams and service desk staff.

Naturally, both service desk and support officers are facing multiple issues and questions from customers or other employees within the company. But let’s face it – most of them return like a boomerang, again and again.

So, instead of wasting hours on typing the same answers over and over, you can make the most of the Canned Response Pro.

This solution for Jira Service Desk and Jira Cloud enables you to create reusable and automated templates of comments and answers.

Agile Cards for Jira – print issues from Jira, put them on board, take a photo and sync with Jira

The last software weapon from the Spartez Software’s arsenal is again about Agile. The big idea behind developing this plugin was to help agile teams organize their sprint planning and standups and to sync the office scrum meetings with the digital realm – everything that’s happening in Jira.

How does it work? Agile Cards for Jira allow you to print the project backlog, specific issues, and user stories, or even your team’s entire board from Jira, in the form of unified cards. What we mean here are the physical cards you can take out from your printer, cut them, put them on your board, and rearrange them during your sprint planning.

How does an agile card look like? It contains all the elements you need to plan your work, assign issues to particular developers, leaving notes, marking a business value, and prioritizing issues.

But most importantly – cards are powered up with KR and QR code, which allows you to digitalize all the sprint planning and easily upload it to Jira.

It’s hard not to overestimate this feature – especially with you cooperate with some remote developers or offshore dev teams. This way, even if they are not able to show up in your office for standups and sprint planning, they will see the effects in Jira very soon after a get-together is over.

TFS4JIRA – integrate and migrate

The unique character of this application and no competitors in the field whatsoever, translate to the fact that TFS4JIRA is in the bestsellers’ elite on Atlassian marketplace.

Where’s the phenomenon coming from? There are two major competitors out there when it comes to delivering a set of development tools for software teams: Jira Software (Cloud, Server, Data Center) and Azure DevOps (formerly known as TFS/VSTS).

The trick is that in larger companies, there is a need to maintain both of those systems running alongside. For instance, developers might be used to work with TFS / Azure DevOps (and for some reason, they don’t want to quit), whereas managers are die-hard Jira Software believers.

How to make peace between those two approaches? And what if your company decides to make a switch from Azure DevOps to Jira?

TFS4JIRA application is the ultimate answer to both of those problems. If you are a manager or a product owner who wants to migrate issues from one system to another or integrate those two huge environments, TFS4JIRA is your dream tool.

It’s about connecting the synchronizer with both – Jira instance and TFS instance. This way, after mapping the structure and completing a configuration phase, both systems can easily coexist. Every time your team updates an issue in Jira, it will automatically update it in TFS / Azure DevOps, and vice versa.

Asset Tracker for Jira – forget about spreadsheet inventory

If your company has a helpdesk team, or if you are a helpdesk officer yourself, you know that IT Service Management (ITSM) and IT Asset Management (ITAM) can be a challenge.

What are the assets? Every tangible item your company owns, but you can’t have a drink with. Laptops, monitors, external keyboards, mobile phones, headphones, but also desks, tables, chairs, or coffee machines – they all fall into the “asset” category.

How to manage them all with no-friction, especially when your company is expanding, hiring new employees, or building new office premises from scratch?

This is where Asset Tracker for Jira comes in! With this application, you can leave old-school management methods behind. No more having to memorize hundreds of assets. No more spreadsheet management nightmare.

With this plug-in, the process turns out to be incredibly easy and efficient. Having an intuitive database under your fingertips, you can add new assets, edit the existing ones, assign them to particular employees, or get back to them when there’s a need to fix a problem.

As you know your everyday helpdesk reality inside out, you are fully aware that most of the job needs to be done outside the helpdesk officer’s … desk. That’s why Asset Tracker mobile app comes in handy! With this tool, you can manage your assets on the move.

Chat for Jira Service Desk – discuss issues on the fly

Another Spartez Software’s flag product is all about providing a live chat solution for Jira Service Desk.

If you run a software house and deliver web and mobile applications to your customers, you will need to simplify the real-time communication process by adding a live chat window on your website.

Your customer support team that works on Jira Service Desk will get a chance to manage all inquiries and answer all the questions directly from Jira, by using a Chat for Jira Service Desk app.

Each new request automatically converts into a new ticket in your Service Desk. Then, your support employee can answer the customers’ questions by adding a comment from the ticket’s interface. The message will pop-up in the chat window at the same time.

Are you ready to put those apps in action?

So, here we are. Spartez Software span off from the Spartez mothership and is now entirely dedicated to developing and supporting tech products we described above: Asset Tracker, Agile Poker, TFS4JIRA, Chat for Jira Service Desk, Canned Response Pro, and Agile Cards.

Each of them helps to optimize your work and save hundreds of precious working hours. Are you ready to put them into play? Go to the Atlassian marketplace today and try them out!