Important Information: Looking For A Home

Finding the right place to live is perhaps the most essential part of settling in. The relocation team at Spartez works with incoming Spartans to help them find a nice place to live and connects them to reputable agents who can help them with the search and paperwork.

One thing to remember is that good apartments/houses in the Tricity get picked up really quick, sometimes within hours! Here are some websites to give you an idea of what is available:

Most of these websites are bilingual and provide a wealth of information about the area, conveniences available, availability of public transport etc...

Cost of living

Poland is generally known for a generally good standard of living with a low cost of living and the Tricity region is one of the regions with the highest standards of living as compared to the cost of living.

Aside from that, the Tricity is also one of the cleanest and safest regions in Poland with good educational institutions, public amenities and a thriving community of internationals. We have also been awarded a Traveler's Choice award by Trip Advisor for one of the best upcoming destination in the world! But, you don’t have to believe us :), Check out these websites and listen to what everyone has to say on

These websites will give you a fair idea of what it costs to live a good life in the Tricity. But, frankly (no, we are not biased!) once you call the Tricity home, you won't like living anywhere else in Poland, if not the world!