Long and Productive June day at catWorkX Midsummer Day 2016 in Hamburg

Is there a better way to spend a long June day than with Atlassian ecosystem customers, vendors and experts? We have just came back from Hamburg where we have been privileged to meet over 200 experts, vendors and customers operating within Atlassian Ecosystem.

Atlassian ecosystem

We always enjoy visiting Germany. When it comes to the market dynamics and the sheer amount of customers Germany has always been the place to be. With plenty of large companies, friendly people and a great location in the middle of Europe it continues to be one of our favourite and most fruitful conference destinations.

So we were really happy when we received an invitation from catWorkX to join them in Hamburg for catWorkX Midsummer Day 2016.

Our main objectives

As usual in case of such events we had two primary objectives: to deliver as many product demos and to get involved in the networking with the customers, experts and vendors.

As part of the networking activities catWorkX have organised two events: a joined football game watching between attending experts and vendors on the evening of Thursday 16th and a bigger event with customers on the evening of Friday 17th.

Given that fact that the aforementioned football game was to be played between Poland and Germany we decided to send our representation consisting of the worst football fan in the world: our own product manager Bartek Gatz. He got so stressed out that when he realised of the significance of the role put upon him he run to the nearest football fan's store and bought a full assortment of white-and-red accessories, including but not limited to a scarf, a t-shirt, a hoodie and a hat. Luckily for him the game was a 0:0 tie and it all ended up well with Polish (representing Spartez) and German (representing catWorkX) football fans uniting under the TV set.

Organisation and location

The event was organised flawlessly, but at the same time it was very relaxed and felt natural. Marie-Theres from catWorkX, who reportedly orchestrated everything just by herself, did a fantastic job. The event was divided into three parallel tracks: the main one (in German) with customers providing testimonies and sharing best practices, and two smaller vendor tracks (mostly held in English) where each of the 19 attending experts and vendors could outline the core benefits of their offers in quick 15-minute long presentations.

The conference was hosted in the southern district of Hamburg called Harburg. With its visible post-industrial atmosphere it was a great background to such an event. The proximity of several smaller hotels made it easier for the attendees to commute and the catWorkX office just across the canal made it possible for quite a few catWorkX employees to come for a visit and help.

The event was located in an old wood-and-brick warehouse overlooking a canal. Very classy. All the attendees have been provided with beverages of choice as well as food and snacks in between the sessions.

There were around 200 attendees in total, including the customers, vendors and experts.

From left to right: (1) Spartez booth at catWorkX Midsummer Day, including physical board to demonstrate the features of Agile Cards for Jira. (2) Sport events have always brought people together; no exception here! (3) Vendor presentations have been great opportunities to briefly demonstrate the offers and answer questions from the public. (4) The venue location was an impressive old warehouse located by the canal. (5) Marie-Theres from catWorkX together with Bartek picking up the lucky winner.

Main takeaways

All the main objectives were completed according to the plan. Bartek almost lost his voice performing Spartez product demos: from Agile Cards (using a small physical board and his cell phone to demonstrate the scanner), through Agile Poker (demonstrating the power of Planning Poker on the real decks of cards as well), Canned Responses (for semi-automatic commenting for Jira Core, Jira Software and Jira Service Desk) and Image Annotator (for in-place annotation of image files attached to Jira issues) all the way to the newest addition into the Spartez family: a Jira powered tool for HR teams: TeamHire.

Bartek also managed to collect quite a few product feature requests and have given away several kilograms of Spartez branded marketing materials: leaflets, stickers, t-shirts, Planning Poker decks, pens and pencils.

On top of that Spartez took part in the vendor lottery organized by catWorkX. Each of the participants could use two business cards of their own and drop them into the lottery boxes. At the end of the conference the representatives of vendors were picking the lucky winners. Spartez prize was a free choice of one of the our Jira add-ons to be used with 100% discount. We are currently working with the winner on the selection of the product to be provided with free license for.

But there was more. We have experimented with a preparation of the looped video for those moments during the conference when Bartek could not be there. It was a great success. There were small groups of attendees watching at the video literarily for the whole of its duration and during that times most of the marketing materials have magically disappeared as well.

Next year we want to be there as well

This was a really nice event and definitely worth being at for both vendors, experts and customers. We are really hoping to be invited over next year. Such a fantastic opportunity to meet with awesome German customers, inspiring experts and vendors and above all: the friendliest catWorkX team.

Bis zum nächsten Mal!

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