Spartez's Got Talent - Episode 1

Attracting the best talent.

Our recruiment process is seen as controversial by some and when assessed by candidates they either love it or they hate it. We're looking for real tech-geeks, so are thorough in our process to make sure we hire only the best. People who have a real passion and positive energy about what they do, not only while talking about their professional life but also activites and interestes outside of work. Passion is not the easiest trait to assess, so that's why it's a difficult task for our recruiters... but we have managed to connect with and hire some true diamonds in the tech industry.

Capricorn and Dragon.

Speaking of such diamonds; we are proud to call Magdalena Kucenty our System Engineer. Magda is a very talented young person, who works in a position that, in 90% in the market is occupied by men, so even from this perspective she is already an Spartez Unicorn. Albeit, there is an another significant talent which Magda witholds. She has embarked on an amazing journey into the world of fantasy story writing and in November 2015 she published her first "paper" story called:"Capricorn and Dragon" in the Smokopolitan Fantasy Magazine - .

There is also an audiobook version of her story.

Zajdel's Award Nomination.

This was her debut as a fantasy story writer. Magda wrote her story almost 24hrs/per day over a whole weekend. The results have been remarkable as just last week her story was nominated for the Zaidel's award; stories category -

On the POLCON 2016 Fantasy Convent in Wroclaw there will be a final voting round for nominated stories. Participants can choose the best story out of five finalists and the winners will be announced on the last day of the convent. We have high hopes for our very own Magda and she has the support from everyone here at Spartez - 'Come on, Magda!'

New stories!

Another story "Obverse and Reverse" was published in march 2016 in Anthology:" Echo of deceased world" -

And this autumn you will be able to find Magda's two newest stories in the Anthology: "Dobro Złem Czyń." The first, which took first place in the contest is called:" The algorithm of lesser evil" and the second, that took fifth place: "Paper souls".

So, just keep your fingers crossed for Magda!

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