Spartez enters Microsoft VisualStudio Marketplace with Agile Cards

Agile Cards comes to VisualStudio

30th of March 2016 is going to be remembered as an important milestone in Spartez history. On this day Agile Cards, one of the most successful add-ons for Jira, was officially released on Microsoft VisualStudio Marketplace. From this day on, all the greatness of physical boards methodology that comes with Agile Cards, is easily accessible for Visual Studio Team Services users.

Why now?

30th of March is not only an important day for us at Spartez. It is also the first day of Microsoft BUILD 2016 conference. Thanks to the fantastic people at Microsoft we were provided with a great opportunity of virtually being there with all the BUILD attendees and participate in this great event remotely. Take a moment to watch the promotional video that we have recorded for the Microsoft BUILD conference.

What is different?

Similarly to Jira, in case of VisualStudio Team Services it is possible to print cards from backlog, boards, search query results as well as from individual work item preview screens. But the new version of Agile Cards for VisualStudio Team Services comes with a completely redesigned UI. All the configuration and template selection is done in one place. It is much easier to use, the template configuration comes with an instant preview of the actual cards. And last but not least we are actually providing four different example templates out of the box. You can analyse them and learn how to apply fields, different levels of information architecture density, change cards' sizes and shapes for your own future applications.

Just take a look for yourself:

Isn't it great? We plan to migrate the awesomeness of this new UI back to Jira pretty soon. So stay tuned.

Agile Cards for VisualStudio Team Services comes with one more significant difference. As of its first official release on VisualStudio Marketplace is does not come with the Board Scanner. But this is something we plan to introduce to the product pretty soon.

Can I use it today?

Absolutely! And it gets better: you can use it for free. Just go to VisualStudio Marketplace, open the "Plan and track" section and you will find Agile Cards right there in the middle of the page. Open the extension page, press the "Install" button and you are done. In case of any problems consult our docs or give us a shout at

And if you like it...

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