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Agile Cards 3.0 released with many significant improvements

May 25th, 2015

Today we have released Agile Cards for Jira, version 3.0. The major version number bump signifies that a lot has changed. Agile Cards received a huge overhaul of its functionality - long overdue and quite dramatic.

The new version delivers the following new or improved functionality:

  • completely new, "flexible" card layout designer;
  • more robust card photo scanning;
  • vastly improved HTML rendering of card content.

Here come the details.

"Flexible" card layout designer

In the past, you didn't have much control over the way your printed card looked. You could define the set of issue fields to print and their order, but that was pretty much it. You couldn't freely position the fields on the card or add some static content (like images or static text). Nor could you control font sizes and weights per-field.

Now you can! All you have to do is:

1. Select the new "Flexible" layout type in card template settings.

2. Design your card content by picking fields from the list and positioning/resizing them. You can also control font sizes, font families, alignment, field label display, and other parameters. In addition to fields, you can add images and static text field to your cards.

3. Print. As you can see on the image below, you can easily add a kitten as a background to your card.

New Card Photo Scanner

Agile Cards for Jira is unique in that it not only lets you print cards, but it also allows to scan cards back to Jira to reflect changes in issue status. This feature, while very useful, required quite good lighting conditions to be usable. Your photos had to be of good quality, otherwise the scanner got confused.

With version 3.0, we have introduced a new scanner algorithm, which uses new, more robust card markers:

Not only is the algorithm more robust and less likely to get confused with bad lighting, it is also much faster.

Better HTML Rendering

Before version 3.0, Agile Cards used a 3rd party library for converting HTML-rendered fields of Jira to PDF so that it could be printed. In version 3.0 we have switched to fully native HTML rendering, so your fields are rendered precisely the same way they are in Jira

If you want to give Agile Cards a try, go to its Atlassian Marketplace page.