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TFS4JIRA Synchronization Filters

Agnieszka Józwiak
Agnieszka Józwiak
Mar 26th, 2015

TFS4JIRA, our second best-selling plugin, has just been released with a new, highly requested feature - Synchronization Filters. We received users' feedback saying you want to somehow limit which issues and work items are synchronized, and now you are able to do that. Typical use case for the Filters feature is a situation when specific issue is marked with a label. In this case, only issues with this label will be synchronized. Detailed information on how to use Filters can be found in TFS4JIRA documentation.

Along with the new Filters feature, we've also introduced a new design for the TFS4JIRA screens. We named it using a super-fancy abbreviation: "TUI" (TFS4JIRA User Interface). Profile Wizard and Synchronization Filters are the first screens created with this new layout but eventually it will be applied to all application screens.