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Asset Tracker for Jira

Jira Asset Management

Important: Asset Tracker End of Life Announcement (31 Jan 2022).
Software products born and die. We, at Spartez Software have decided to discontinue development of Asset Tracker and focus on new opportunities.
Please check End-of-Life announcement for more details.

Manage IT assets with a dedicated mobile app

With our dedicated mobile apps for Android and iOS you can run inventory checks and automated operations for your assets on the go. Provide frictionless access to asset resources for your employees. Allow them to browse, check-out or check-in shared assets, equipment or tools.

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Flexible and customizable CMDB with advanced search capabilities

With customized asset properties, user synchronization and improved label printing, your asset database in Jira can be up-to date and useful in a number of scenarios involving physical assets, Jira users and issues.

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More features

Manage your assets in Jira and Jira Service Desk

Manage assets, equipment and tools in Jira and Jira Service Desk. Track what, who, where, how long, and all the meticulous in-between details of your assets with ease. Asset management in one place, in Jira.

Track, analyze and report assets in Jira

Track, manage and report your assets in Jira and Jira Service Desk. Keep the key stakeholders informed and proactively inform them with scheduled custom reports and email notifications. Don’t ever miss the deadline for warranties, insurances, renewals, valuations etc.

Manage per folder permissions

Grant or restrict access level to folder per users' group. You can set one of 3 levels - no access, view-only or view & edit. Users with no access won't see any assets - they will see just a folder tree. In full access mode (view & edit), users will be able to view, edit and delete assets. They will be able to browse linked assets and execute actions and operations. Users with view-only mode can browse, search and export assets. They will be able to view linked assets as well. They won't be able to execute any actions or operations on assets.

Keep up the good work!

For those looking for a good solution, get rid of the excel's as asset management and place everything in Jira, this really is the way to go.
Steven F.
Atlassian Top Rated App

I love the support!

I love how easy it is to categorize everything you want and how easy it is to search for the assets you've imported.

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