Do you know someone who would make a great addition to our team?
What are you waiting for? Refer them now and earn a great reward!
Read on to know more about how you can help your friends!

The reward

There really is no limit to the referral reward! It totally depends on the professional experience of the person you refer. We offer 1,000PLN X total years of relevant professional experience (rounded up), but not less than 3,500PLN! Here are some examples to help you understand the system a little better.

Choose an open position from the list below and click on REFER NOW.

A few important rules to remember

  • The person you refer has to be hired within a year from the date of referral. If they aren’t, you must refer them again to remain eligible for the referral reward
  • You can’t refer a person who has applied for a position at Spartez within the last 18 months
  • Referral is valid only if the referee will use your link

So, what are you waiting for?