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  • Teams and products

    We have several teams, varying in size and setup, working on both Cloud and Server products. Our overall team culture is open, transparent, positive, future-focused and able to deliver success.

  • Tech stack and tools

    Our tech stack features Java, Spring, Maven, REST, JUnit, SQL, Docker, AWS, ElasticSearch & Python.

  • Management and collaboration

    Spartez has a flat organizational structure with five management levels only, where decisions are effectively made and widely shared. Our work requires collaboration accross timezones and cultures, as well as travelling around the globe, which would not be possible without open and clear communication.

  • Leadership

    We believe in the power of participative leadership and diversity. At Spartez, all the major product and team organization decision points require the presence of a designer, an engineer and a product manager, working together regularly in the form of a Triad.

Roles and career paths

We are always looking for talented and passionate proffesionals - those, who are advanced in their career, as well as those, who are taking their first steps. Regardless of the initial stage, all engineers at Spartez follow a clearly defined career path with open and public salary bands. Role change decisions are made every quarter, following a performance review.


Starting your career at Spartez is a great choice. As part of your three-month paid internship you will be tackling clearly defined tasks and learning the necessary skills while working closely with the seasoned professionals on your team. You are expected to have a basic tech stack knowledge. Little or none at all experience is just fine.


To land a Junior position, you are expected to have at least a few months of experience. You enjoy close mentorship from your colleagues. You are welcome to actively participate in discussions, although the decisions will still be made by others. Once you're onboard, you can start thinking about the direction you'd like to go in. Are you a sworn developer, or is there a spark of quality assurance or product management in you?


At this stage you need have at least 1,5+ years experience and present a certain degree of independence with a commitment to your area of interest. You need to understand business requirements, have the ability to decompose complex work into manageable tasks, be comfortable in dealing with unknowns and taking calculated risks.


By now you are a declared professional with 3+ experience. As a senior, you own small to mid size projects in all their aspects. You're skilling up a team - or teams - through technical innovation, mentoring and process improvements, as well as communicating with multiple stakeholders. You're balancing the tactical demands of today against the strategic needs of tomorrow.

  • UX Designer
  • QA Engineer
  • Product Manager
  • Team Lead
  • Development Manager
  • Mid
  • Senior
  • Expert
  • Principal

The sky is the limit, both for those, who thrive as individual contributors, as well as those with a managerial gene. As thought leaders, our experts are actively impacting and shaping many processes in the company, driving strategic growth opportunities and dealing with unknown unknowns. We expect you to bring at least 8 years of proffesional exoerience to the table.

Great place to work

Being a part of and creating an awesome environment that people truly enjoy working in is one of our core values. There are many good reasons to join us!

  • Impact

    At Spartez you will be working on world renowned products from the Atlassian ecosystem. Our cross-functional teams are empowered to solve complex user problems for companies such as NASA, Samsung, Red Bull, Toyota and thousands of others across the globe.

  • Culture

    We’re nearly 200 people, but our
    organisational structure remains flat, with few
    management levels and agile at heart. We work in small teams, diverse in terms of setup, experience and culture, where internal mobility and secondments are welcomed. We travel to the US, Australia and many other locations worldwide and often extend our stay beyond just business.

  • Room for growth

    We follow clearly defined career paths, both in engineering as well as in management, with unified and public salary bands. Everyone is entitled to a 7500 PLN annual budget and 4 days leave for educational activities. We are encouraged to speak at conferences, run 20% pet projects and participate in quarterly ShipIt hackathons.

  • Comfort

    We work on MacBooks, use 24 inch 4K monitors, sit on Aeron chairs and stand by desks with adjustable height, if we prefer to. We’re based in a modern office with all the benefits of a city-center location. In our kitchen there are always fresh snacks and beverages at everyone’s disposal, as well as a pantry stocked with everything you may need for a quick DIY lunch.

  • Social

    Each year we treat ourselves to two big
    company parties and countless smaller events, such as brown bags, culture mixers, Social Fridays and team achievement celebrations. On top of that, we’re all entitled to a 500 PLN quarterly social budget - some use it for lunches, others chip in for a team offsite somewhere warm. There’s no dress code.

  • The usual stuff

    Private medical healthcare, life insurance, Multisport card.

Be the change you seek

Change sometimes requires relocation. This is something we're ready to support and help out with. Check out our relocation package.

The recruitment process

We value the time and energy of our candidates as much as our own. Our recruitment process is thorough, but fast and transparent. Following each stage, we share immediate feedback with regard to cantidate performance.

Online test

Following your application you receive a link to an on-line test. The link remains valid for 2 weeks. The test is in English, takes approximately 1.5 hours to complete and needs to be carried out from beginning to end in one session. Upon completion, our developers analyze the code delivered and assess it.

Live coding session

Prior to the live coding session, we send out an email containing a code package and instructions which you have several days to familiarize yourself with. On a previously agreed date we will call you online and ask you to share you screen. During this connection, our developer will send you a new code package, slightly built up from the previous one, and ask you to perform 2 tasks. The session is limited to 1.5 hours. Upon completion, immediate feedback is given.

Technical interview

The technical interview takes 2 hours and is conducted by two senior Spartez developers. The interview features questions from Java, its syntax and the Java ecosystem. This meeting is also an opportunity for you to ask questions and get direct insight from the people that you may be joining as part of our team. Just like following the previous stages, feedback is

Final interview

The final interview involves a 1.5 hour meeting with the Dev Manager and Team Leader of the team that you could potentially join. This is not a technical conversation, with a focus on assessing your maturity as as an engineer. The interview usually takes place in our office, so it's a chance to get a sneak peek of our full picture and wrap up any oustanding issues. Following this meeting, you receive feeback, and, should it be positive, an offer to join Spartez.

Contract & onboarding

Once your contract has been negotiated and the date of arrival at Spartez draws near, you will receive an invitation to an oboarding day. The agenda features equimpent handover, an all-you-need-to-know presentation, a welcome lunch with your team, a Spartez values workshop and a full office tour to get you started.

Our entire recruitment process, from beginning to end, usually takes less than two weeks.

Questions? Shoot!

Contact Person

Aleksander Gis

Atlassian has acquired Spartez R&D Sp. z o.o. (formerly Spartez sp. z o.o. sp. k.), the company that has been primarily providing software research & development services for Atlassian since its inception.

If you are interested in a job at Atlassian, please visit the Careers page. The Spartez R&D Sp. z o.o. website will no longer be maintained separately. Please refer to or reach out through Contact Page for any questions.

Spartez Software, the company that is focused on the products business, will continue to develop its products and is not affected by the acquisition. If you are interested in these products, Spartez Software, or need support, please visit

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