Relocation package

We offer help for those who are ready to move to Gdańsk to join our forces. No matter where you come from, a different country or a different region in Poland, we will help you settle down in Gdańsk.

You can count on:

  • Relocation cost refund

    We will refund costs related to your relocation, such as transportation to Gdańsk, movers and shipping, flat rental, or fees for visa. At the beginning you will receive 4000 PLN (for Polish residents) or 7 000 PLN (for people moving to Poland from abroad) to cover all these costs. Also during the first 12 months of your work at Spartez we will add extra 10% to your salary.

  • Travel refund when needed

    We will do our best to minimize the number of required face-to-face visits during the hiring process. Often zero is enough - after all, we live in times of Skype Video and Google Hangouts. For the visits that are inevitable, we offer full refund of related costs, regardless of the final outcome of the recruitment process.

  • Acclimation support

    We will help you find a flat. This includes our personal assistance with choosing the neigbourhood or visiting rentals. While you are looking for a suitable home for yourself, we can accomodate you in our company flat. We will also support you during the whole process of acclimation to a new location, so you can always seek advice, asking questions about recommended kindergartens, schools, dentists, and the like.

  • Paperwork assistance

    We will help you get a work permit (if you come from outside the EU), your PESEL (Polish Resident Identification Number), and your ID. You can also count on us during the process of getting your visa.

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