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How much will I get?

The amount rewarded depends on the professional experience of the person you refer. We pay 1 000 PLN * total years of relevant professional experience (rounded up), but not less than 3500 PLN.

There are no limits to the amount rewarded. Refer to us a person with 25 years' professional experience and you will get 25 000 PLN. We really love working with people in the know.

Important rules:

  1. Remember to tell your mate that you're recommending them before you actually do it.
  2. Your mate can't apply before you receive the email response from us.
  3. The mate you referred has to be hired within 1 year from the date of referral. If they aren't, you must resubmit your proposition to ensure you are still eligible for the reward.
  4. It is not possible to refer a mate who has applied for a position at Spartez within the last 18 months.
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