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Oleksii Kovalenko
Aug 23rd, 2021

The Evolution of Planning Poker. How teams can adopt various estimation techniques?

A long time ago, Agile, Scrum, and Extreme Programming creators and supporters described numerous aspects of their frameworks in detail but didn’t give any instructions about one of the most important ceremonies: a backlog estimation. Teams knew that they have to estimate, but there were no instructions on doing it by the book. It became more clear only when Mike Cohn promoted Planning Poker. Today, I want to introduce you to a concept that some Agile Poker users call the next step in Planning Poker evolution - the Hybrid of Achyncronous and classic interactive Planning Poker. Let’s call it Hybrid Poker for the convenience of this blog post.

Oleksii Kovalenko
Aug 11th, 2021

Multi-field Estimation Now Available for Interactive and Asynchronous Sessions in Agile Poker for Jira.

Modern and commonly used prioritization techniques can surely benefit from the proper estimation of the prioritization criteria. To support such estimations and further help with prioritizing, we are introducing Multi-field Estimation in Agile Poker for Jira.

Agnieszka Józwiak
Mar 1st, 2021

User Story Mapping in Jira: Step by Step Guide

We commonly digest easily more complex ideas, concepts or processes when they are visualised or decomposed. That’s a natural brain ability. It is then easier to make sure everyone involved in the project understands it evenly. If we break down the idea into single elements or steps, we can be sure we don’t miss an important element, action or feature. This article looks closer at the concept of user story mapping, its benefits and a step by step guide to create a user story map in Jira.


Analysis Of Rendering Performance Issues In Whiteboards.

Whiteboards is a real-time application designed for people who want to collaborate on visual elements like shapes, lines, images, or drawings, for managing their work, supporting an online meeting, or drawing diagrams. There are several challenges connected to this objective across the entire stack. Client-side performance is one of them.

Magic Estimation For Jira Users: Guide And Template

Different teams use different methods and techniques to estimate their backlog. Regardless, estimation as a ceremony is said to be difficult for all. Whether you are a product manager, project manager, or software developer, it’s often said to be one of the most challenging aspects of the job. Here, I want to focus on Magic Estimation Games and provide some tips on how to estimate using this method to make the most of it, give a step by step guide on how to play it in Jira, and get your backlog ready for planning.

Year 2020 in Hindsight And A Quick Look Ahead

Having just finished Christmas & New Year holidays, I realised it’s time to sum up the last year - which was a very special one in 13 years of Spartez Software history. Here is my short selection of the highlights from 2020 and some plans for the future.

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NEW! Multi-field Estimation in Agile Poker for Jira.

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Migrate Native Jira Service Management Templates to Canned Responses

Our team has kicked in into 2021 and today we are super excited to announce that as of Jan 12th, 2021 an option to migrate native JSM templates to Canned Responses is now available to the app users.

[Case study] Remote Agile Retrospective Sessions in Jira with Whiteboards App

How to run Agile Retrospective session while the team working remotely?

Check out the short interview with the product manager of Agile Poker for Jira app Lex Kovalenko about how their team adopted the Whiteboards app to overcome the challenges of running their retrospective sessions after moving to the remote work set up.

The First Round of New Features in Whiteboards for Jira in 2021!

We are happy to start 2021 with a set of new features we prepared for Whiteboards for Jira users.

Take a look at these four updates and give them a try right away!

Mind Mapping in Jira

Mind Mapping for Jira Users: Guide and Template

The mind mapping concept is precisely how our brain works- you come up with an idea, and then it gets dissolved into smaller ideas, concepts, thoughts, and descriptions. You start with a central idea and then add different branches to it to explore the idea. It's great for brainstorming, project ideation, planning, and even presentation to put your ideas through visually and logically.

New TFS4JIRA Cloud Native Available!

As a response to our customers' changing needs, our team was working on the SaaS version of TFS4JIRA Cloud over the past several months. We believe that Cloud is the new standard, and the market also confirms this direction. We join this path as TFS4JIRA becomes fully Cloud Native! Users no longer need to install additional software on their end. See the new Cloud Native TFS4JIRA in action!


[Success Story] How an Engineering Team at Atlassian Changed Their Physical Board Collaboration Into An Effective (and fun) Virtual One

Online collaboration is on the rise this year. Due to the global pandemic outbreak, more teams had to make a quick shift to remote work and make wise decisions about adopting new tools to support them in daily meetings and activities.

Read on to see how Zakaria Benbakkar and his engineering team at Atlassian, mainly focused on scalability and performance in the cloud, turned their brainstorming sessions, kick-off meetings, and other daily meetings into online collaborative sessions with Whiteboards.

Introducing New Experience For Styling Templates In Canned Responses

Over the last weeks, our Canned Responses team was focused on delivering new improvements to templates available in the app. Today we are happy to present the outcomes of our work.

Planning Poker vs. Relative Methods: Which Agile Estimation Technique is Best for Your Team?

Product managers, project managers, and software developers would agree that estimation is difficult. In fact, many software developers claim that it is one of the most challenging aspects of the job. This article will explain more about what Planning Poker is, how it works, and the advantages and disadvantages of using it. We will also discuss Relative Mode and why teams should consider it as an alternative agile estimation method.