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Early Adopters want more flexibility with TeamHire

When we started work on TeamHire for JIRA, we knew that for some of our colleagues working in HR, JIRA® in its raw form, can be a scary, hard to tame beast. That's why we thought a custom Candidate issue view would be useful. Much to our surprise, most of our early adopters missed the power of a regular issue view. Does it mean that JIRA can bring to hiring a lot more than we initially assumed?
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Why every other article about Grunt misses the point

Have you ever heard about Grunt? If you follow frontend technologies you've heard for sure. So you probably know that Grunt is a JavaScript task runner and that there is a huge repository of Grunt plugins. With thousands of plugins in one place it's really tempting to use grunt-contrib-* tasks for everything. In this article I show that preferring custom tasks in favor of community plugins leads to more concise and manageable code.
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