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Case Study

[Case study] Remote Agile Retrospective Sessions in Jira with Whiteboards App

How to run Agile Retrospective session while the team working remotely?

Check out the short interview with the product manager of Agile Poker for Jira app Lex Kovalenko about how their team adopted the Whiteboards app to overcome the challenges of running their retrospective sessions after moving to the remote work set up.

[Success Story] How an Engineering Team at Atlassian Changed Their Physical Board Collaboration Into An Effective (and fun) Virtual One

Online collaboration is on the rise this year. Due to the global pandemic outbreak, more teams had to make a quick shift to remote work and make wise decisions about adopting new tools to support them in daily meetings and activities.

Read on to see how Zakaria Benbakkar and his engineering team at Atlassian, mainly focused on scalability and performance in the cloud, turned their brainstorming sessions, kick-off meetings, and other daily meetings into online collaborative sessions with Whiteboards.

[Success Story] How Mi9 Retail Moved Their PI Planning to the Remote Setup With Whiteboards for Jira

Due to the pandemic, there has been a massive shift to work from home. According to Gartner, 88% of organizations have encouraged or required their employees to work from home. While companies moved to remote work, they had to continue carrying out their regular activities, like project planning, retrospectives, brainstorming sessions, etc. In order to do so, they needed a convenient way to collaborate online and stay aligned across every sprint planning meeting or simply brainstorm the next big idea.

[Case study] How Puts Agile Cards Into Action

The company creates complex high-level enterprise solutions for their clients. Being one of the leading TYPO3 & Neos agencies in Germany, provides tailor-made products based on individual needs.

How teams at Valiton keep agile boards and Jira in sync

Have you ever suggested that your team use a physical Scrum or Kanban board? Maintaining physical boards is a worthwhile effort to facilitate meaningful feedback, spot risks early, and get help from team members. Still, on a daily basis, the effort should be optimized. Felix Huschka, the “Agile Master” at Valiton, a company of BurdaSolutions, wanted the boards to benefit the teams, management, and other project stakeholders who are all located in multiple locations. And he continuously works through several iterations to optimize the physical boards for his teams in Offenburg and Munich.