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Agile Poker

The Evolution of Planning Poker. How teams can adopt various estimation techniques?

A long time ago, Agile, Scrum, and Extreme Programming creators and supporters described numerous aspects of their frameworks in detail but didn’t give any instructions about one of the most important ceremonies: a backlog estimation. Teams knew that they have to estimate, but there were no instructions on doing it by the book. It became more clear only when Mike Cohn promoted Planning Poker. Today, I want to introduce you to a concept that some Agile Poker users call the next step in Planning Poker evolution - the Hybrid of Achyncronous and classic interactive Planning Poker. Let’s call it Hybrid Poker for the convenience of this blog post.

Multi-field Estimation Now Available for Interactive and Asynchronous Sessions in Agile Poker for Jira.

Modern and commonly used prioritization techniques can surely benefit from the proper estimation of the prioritization criteria. To support such estimations and further help with prioritizing, we are introducing Multi-field Estimation in Agile Poker for Jira.

Agile Poker Relative Sessions Now Support Unbiased Voting

Just in time for the end of May 2021, we released several important features for Relative and Bucket Sizing sessions of Agile Poker for Cloud. Those include: unbiased voting, automatically picking up the next issue for voting, accepting team's estimates, and new issue details view. Read this blog post to find out more.

Story Points. A Friend Or Foe?

Product backlog items' sizing became a routine for numerous agile teams. It became a new normal way-way back, and these days, it’s hard to find a developer, Product Owner, or Scrum Master who never heard about the Story Point concept. Internet is full of explanations, guidelines, step-by-step instructions, videos on how to do proper estimation using Story Points. This topic shows up in many SM/PO certifications. So, for me, it sounded like a done deal, an axiom. It inspired me to write up this blog post to structure my knowledge and, hopefully, help others and their teams with this not-so-unambiguous topic.

Magic Estimation For Jira Users: Guide And Template

Different teams use different methods and techniques to estimate their backlog. Regardless, estimation as a ceremony is said to be difficult for all. Whether you are a product manager, project manager, or software developer, it’s often said to be one of the most challenging aspects of the job. Here, I want to focus on Magic Estimation Games and provide some tips on how to estimate using this method to make the most of it, give a step by step guide on how to play it in Jira, and get your backlog ready for planning.

Planning Poker vs. Relative Methods: Which Agile Estimation Technique is Best for Your Team?

Product managers, project managers, and software developers would agree that estimation is difficult. In fact, many software developers claim that it is one of the most challenging aspects of the job. This article will explain more about what Planning Poker is, how it works, and the advantages and disadvantages of using it. We will also discuss Relative Mode and why teams should consider it as an alternative agile estimation method.

Project Visualization in Jira: The Tools and Techniques You Need for Success

Jira’s a great tool to help you manage projects. But it’s not without some drawbacks, especially if you want to gain insights over your project’s health, Jira lacks a big picture view. As a project manager, you need a more effective way to monitor the team’s progress, instead of going through each and every issue. While the roadmap feature provides a good overview of your product milestones, it’s only limited to Jira Cloud. For more effective project visualization, you can extend Jira capabilities with tools like custom charts, timelines, and even mind maps.

New Relative Session with the Multiplayer Mode

Introducing New Relative Mode in Agile Poker- Estimate Together With Your Team Remotely

We didn’t slow down during the summer, but instead are working on full pace to deliver some great additions to Agile Poker for Jira Cloud. All these to help you run backlog estimations with your remote team simultaneously and have an even better experience with estimations.

Effective Backlog Estimations With Your Distributed Team

According to Agile practice, teams should be co-located, working together face to face. In reality, however, many Agile teams are not sharing an office space, not even work in the same time zone. Some teams, due to the unplanned circumstances, are forced to turn into remote teams and adjust the way they work.

[Free Download] Agile Estimations Checklist For Scrum Teams

Scrum Teams follow certain rules and ceremonies. The same goes for backlog estimations to assure the equal evaluation patterns at all times. Those rules need quick and easy checkpoints to protect the effectiveness and quality of final estimates.

In this article, I would like to share a simple checklist for effective estimations that will support Scrum Masters and Product Owners who estimate together with the Development Teams. Why is this list helpful?