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Agile Cards

Agile Cards for Jira 4.0: improved user interface

Agile Cards for Jira 4.0 comes with a new, improved UI which makes card template editing and printing, as well as board synchronisation, easier to use.

Agile Cards scanner - how to sync physical and digital agile boards

Are you enjoying the benefits of a physical board with your agile team? Tired of making manual updates of your digital board? Well, you can keep your stakeholders up to date and your status synchronized with Jira or TFS seamlessly. Agile Cards scanner can save you time. Learn how to use the scanner and stop updating your sprint board manually.

A physical Kanban board for many teams

As part of our "Show Us Your Agile Cards" campaign Joern Bock, the VP of AOE, gave us a sneak peak of an impressive board and shared some some Kanban experience behind it...

Show us your Agile Cards and share a pro tip or two

Join the community and give us some insight into how you combine digital tools and paper to make work easy and fun. If you've worked with Agile Cards for Jira or Agile Cards for Visual Studio Team Services, you have your own ways of using it.

Agile Cards with scanner launched for VisualStudio Team Services / TFS!

We’re proud to announce that Agile Cards for VisualStudio Team Services / TFS is now available for trial and purchase, featuring the earlier announced physical board scanner. This built-in app enables users to finally close the loop, fully linking their physical and digital boards.

One codebase for Jira Server & Cloud add-on versions?

As part of the AtlasCamp 2016 Developer Breakouts I had the opportunity to present "One Code to Rule Them All" - my talk on how a Jira add-on can be written so that the same codebase can be used both for its Server and Cloud versions. Both the slides, as well as a video featuring my presentation, are now available online.

Agile Cards for on-premises TFS released!

On March 30th we have released Agile Cards to customers using cloud based VisualStudio Team Services. Two months later, on June 3rd, we also made it available for on-premises TFS customers.

Spartez enters Microsoft VisualStudio Marketplace with Agile Cards

The dots and squares of Agile Cards

Whenever we run an Agile Cards live demo there's always someone asking about what do the "tetris-looking" black shapes on the cards stand for. So here it is: the story behind our very own Agile Cards "KR codes".

Agile Cards: an easy way to increase productivity

Have you ever wondered why the office desks are so littered with toys and gadgets to play with? Do you think the energy used to play with these toys can be put to good use? Read this blog post and find out.