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What’s new in Canned Responses Pro Templates for Jira Cloud

Nov 16th, 2021

Once an app solely for templates to help Jira agents save time, Canned Responses Pro Templates for Jira Cloud is fast evolving into a comprehensive app to promote standardization, improve business processes, and create insights for managers. It’s with this goal in mind that we’ve been busy adding new features to the app, here’s what’s new…


You can now set automatic and customizable signatures using templates. For this, you can define signature templates on three settings levels: global templates for all users in all projects, project-specific signatures, and personal signatures created by individual users. Shared signatures (global and project level) can also be customized to include dynamic data such as an individual’s name with macros.

You can choose to use these signatures in replies to customers within Jira Service Management projects, giving your responses a more standardized and professional feel. Find out more.

Automated Actions

Automated actions is another new feature that can power teams, including ITSM teams, to standardize their processes. All templates now have the ability to predefine an automated and individually triggered sequence of actions, which is great in cases where Jira Automation does not apply (i.e. the agent needs to properly identify the case and make decisions before triggering the actions). With this feature, you can transition an issue to a given state and set values within issue fields .

What’s more, is that you can also leverage the power of Jira Automation by triggering particular rules as an automated action through a web request that triggers the automation. This means that, effectively, you can do anything that Jira Automation can as part of your templates. Additionally, you can feed custom data to the Automation using Canned Responses' macros in the body of the request.

Close tickets by thanking the customer which automatically closes the issue and transitions it to “done”. This is just one use case, you can mix and match sequences by adding multiple actions to each template to suit your specific processes. Find out more.

Advanced Filtering in Stats

We have added an advanced filtering functionality to the Stats page. This is an invaluable tool for managers and teams looking to improve their processes, as it allows you to drill further into your template statistics and get a better understanding of how Canned Responses are being used within the team. It can be used for decluttering your templates list, promoting the most used personal templates to Project and Global levels, comparing the usage of a template’s selection, and much more for smart and insight-driven teams.

Cloud Fortified

Last, and by no means least, Canned Responses Pro Templates for Jira Cloud is officially an Atlassian Cloud Fortified app! What does this mean? It shows our commitment to security and reliability when it comes to developing our app. This is especially important as more and more customers, especially enterprise organizations, continue to migrate over to Cloud as it ensures that our app meets strict security standards. Find out more.

What’s next for Canned Responses Pro Templates for Jira Cloud?

We’ve got even more exciting features set to come in Canned Responses Pro Templates for Jira Cloud, including:

  • Support for more types of fields in Automated Actions.
  • Support for attachments in templates.
  • Support for transition and creation screens.

Keep an eye on the “What’s New” section within the app for more updates. You can also get in touch with our Support Team if you have any questions about how to implement any feature into your business.