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Multi-field Estimation Now Available for Interactive and Asynchronous Sessions in Agile Poker for Jira.

Oleksii Kovalenko
Oleksii Kovalenko
Aug 11th, 2021

Backlog Estimation has been one of the core aspects of successful planning for many Agile teams and companies for a long time. But recently we see how complex the planning processes have become. Especially, when Story Point estimations are only part of the job and you also need a joint estimate from various teams like QA, Dev Team, Frontend, or Backend. Or when you will also need to take into consideration scheduling constraints, dependencies within features, and other requirements.

Modern and commonly used prioritization techniques can surely benefit from the proper estimation of the prioritization criteria. To support such estimations and further help with prioritizing, we are introducing Multi-field Estimation in Agile Poker for Jira.

Why use Multi-field Estimation?

The Multi-field Estimation allows estimating several Jira fields at once and calculates the final value (a final score) based on those estimates.

The most common use cases for this feature are the following:

  • a team calculates effort based on several estimations, like:
    • Dev + QA estimates;
    • Frontend + Backend estimates;
    • Research + Development estimates;
    • the most pessimistic, the most optimistic, the most likely estimates (as a part of PERT estimate);
  • a team uses both Story Points and Time estimates for planning;
  • a team uses a specific value for prioritization, including the following well-known frameworks:
    • WSJF prioritization for SAFe;
    • ICE prioritization;
    • RICE prioritization;
    • Impact/Ability or Impact/Effort ratio;
    • PERT.
  • when estimates for several numeric fields are required.

Of course, the feature is flexible enough to support other scenarios so you can configure it to your team’s needs.

Multi-field estimation flow

1. Create an Interactive or Asynchronous session of Agile Poker in Jira.

Choose Type of the session

2. While configuring the session, turn on the Multi-field Estimation toggle.

Configure Interactive or Asynchronous session

3. Select a template and Jira fields for estimation. At the moment the supported templates are:

Additionally, you can create a custom template, that allows estimating up to 5 fields.

4. Enable the Final score toggle if the outcome of the session should be a value calculated based on the estimates:

  • select a field for the final score;
  • optionally modify criteria weights for the Custom template or WSJF prioritization.

5. Create the session and run the estimation process. Both estimates and the final score will be saved in the corresponding Jira fields that will be used for future planning.

Please refer to Agile Poker Documentation for more details.

We are always happy to receive your feedback so we can improve Agile Poker further. Dare to share it with us here: