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New TFS4JIRA Cloud Native Synchroniser is Ready for Alpha Preview

Maciej Kowalski
Maciej Kowalski
Apr 6th, 2021

Hundreds of its users recognise TFS4JIRA as an extremely helpful product. Whether it’s about fully migrating AzureDevOps to Jira or the other way around, as well as keeping both environments up to date effortlessly, TFS4JIRA is a first-class solution allowing this to happen automatically. With active synchronisation profiles, users can fully control what exactly to synchronise. They can identify which projects, issue types, epics or work items should be updated when changed on any side, how to map the field values and which values to map. With a properly configured sync profile, even thousands of issues can be easily and seamlessly synchronised.

Currently, to properly run TFS4JIRA, users have to install the synchroniser on their own server. It may be a slight inconvenience, if not an extra unexpected step to perform to use the app. Our users’ feedback clearly says that this is not quite what they expect from a Cloud instance app. An additional step of installing the software on their server may be time and resource consuming, no matter how significant the final benefit from using the properly installed app is.

TFS4JIRA Synchroniser

Introducing Cloud Native Synchroniser

Lending an ear to the users is something we do daily, as the product can only get better if the user’s voice has a real impact on product shape and development. We decided to take TFS4JIRA fully cloud and make it a SaaS product. What does this exactly mean? No more, no less - we’re creating an app working in the cloud environment, without the necessity to install anything on your end. This means no need for a self-hosted server running TFS4JIRA. The new app is much faster than the old one, capable of synchronising a great number of work items several times faster than the current app does.

Syncing items in TFS4JIRA

Alpha Preview Now Available

Creating a new version was feedback-driven, but we do not want to stop there, especially when it comes to the user input. We’re excited to invite current and future users of TFS4JIRA to participate in Cloud Native Synchroniser alpha tests. In the early access program, you will check the app performance yourself, set up a test sync profiles and speak your mind. During the tests, the Product and Development Teams will be at your disposal through live feedback communication channels so that you can drop us a line anytime you want to. What is more, the early adopters will have a real impact on the application features, as we’ll be taking all feature requests into account and decide the app’s shape based on that.

Additionally, as an early adopter, you’ll get access to the app, public roadmap, feature set and development plans. It’s a few clicks away - sign up quickly using this short form or reach us by sending an email to to join Alpha Preview and decide on its shape.

We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

Join Alpha Preview