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Migrate Native Jira Service Management Templates to Canned Responses

Maciej Kowalski
Maciej Kowalski
Jan 20th, 2021

Our team has kicked in into 2021 and today we are super excited to announce that as of Jan 12th, 2021 an option to migrate native JSM templates to Canned Responses is now available to the app users.

This feature is designed for JSM users, who decided to take full advantage of Canned Responses Pro, but still have their basic comment templates within Jira Service Management native environment and want to use them in Canned Responses.

The migration can be completed in two ways: the user either migrate their JSM templates on the plugin installation or accesses the migration from the Import/Export section in the already installed app.

Read on to find out more details on how to migrate JSM native templates.

Two options to migrate JSM templates to Canned Responses

If you choose to migrate Jira Service Management Templates upon Canned Responses installation the welcome screen will indicate that the possibility to import and convert the existing JSM template is available:

Clicking the “Import and convert” link will take you to the Import / Export Section, with the Jira Service Management Templates header visible. It indicates the current number of templates that will be added on import, and by clicking the “Convert and Import” button you will be able to use JSM templates in the Canned Responses app directly.

Whatever option of migration you choose a dialogue will be displayed after clicking the ‘Convert and Import’ button. The purpose of this dialogue is to select a folder, where the JSM Templates will be stored in Canned Responses. The default option, “JSM Templates” can be replaced with an alternative folder name.

Once this action is completed by confirming with the ‘Convert and import’ button, all native JSM templates will be converted and moved to the selected folder in Canned Responses. Currently, all native JSM templates are imported during this action and there is no option to select individual templates and import them from JSM to a separate Canned Responses Folder in the project scope.

If the macros were used in any of the native JSM templates, they will also be converted. The process currently covers 5 out of 8 available macros: Issue Summary, Issue Description, Issue Reporter Name, Issue Key, and Request Status.

Over to you

We hope these new options to migrate JSM templates will help your team to be even more consistent and effective.

If there are other features and functions that you’d love to see in your Canned Responses – we are all ears, please do let us know!