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The First Round of New Features in Whiteboards for Jira in 2021!

Konstantin Kononenko
Konstantin Kononenko
Jan 14th, 2021

We are happy to start 2021 with a set of new features we prepared for Whiteboards for Jira users.

Take a look at these four updates and give them a try right away!

Update #1: New feature - Issue table

It is a new and efficient way to quickly organize your issues. Issue table also gives you the ability to update one or two Jira issue fields at once by dragging cards from one cell of the table grid to another.

Issue table supports arranging issues using one or two axes.

An example of a one-axis table in action:

An example of a two-axis table in action:

Using the new feature to run estimation sessions:

Estimation in Jira with Whiteboards app

This improvement converts Whiteboards for Jira into a universal tool that can efficiently replace some specific tools you had to install and buy separately for your Jira.

By using different configurations of the Issue table it can be used as:

  • Agile prioritization matrix;
  • PI planning board;
  • User story mapping tool;
  • Backlog estimation app;
  • Risk analysis table;
  • And many more cases - we would be happy to learn them from you!

Whenever you need to visualize and organize your issues in some structured view - the Issue table component in Whiteboards for Jira is your place to go.

Sprint and Priority matrix in Jira

If you are Whiteboards for Jira’s user already, you can find the Issue table feature on the left-hand side menu. The icon looks like a small table.

Then you just need to configure your table by choosing which fields and values will be used for horizontal and vertical axes.

the picture showing where to find the issue table functionality in Whiteboards for Jira

At the moment, the Issue table axes support single-select custom fields, sprint, estimation, and numerical fields.

Update #2: Whiteboards as Jira gadget

Now you can add your Whiteboard as a gadget onto your Jira dashboard

Using whiteboards as Jira gadgets

Visualize issues in the way you want and enrich content with media and embed information to see all important information by taking a quick look at your dashboard.

Update #3: Create cards on Whiteboards by pasting Jira issues URLs from your clipboard

This is a small but worthy improvement.

Copy a URL to your Jira issue and press paste from the clipboard when you are working with your Whiteboards and the issue card will be added to the board! It is a nice improvement, isn’t it?

Update #4: Timer

We’ve added timer functionality to our Whiteboards, so now you can use it to boost the productivity of your online collaboration sessions, like brainstorming or planning events.

Our timer goes with pre-defined timings from 10 seconds to 60 minutes which, probably, should fit with your team’s needs.

Find the timer feature on the right-hand side menu.

timer in Whiteboards for Jira

The new Timer feature is also available in Whiteboards for Confluence.

We do our best to make Whiteboards for Jira better and better for our users. If you have any feedback or suggestions regarding the app, please share them with us by using the embedded form in the Whiteboards or contacting our support team at