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Introducing New Experience For Styling Templates In Canned Responses

Marcin Woroch
Marcin Woroch
Dec 2nd, 2020

Over the last weeks, our Canned Responses team was focused on delivering new improvements to templates available in the app. Today we are happy to present the outcomes of our work:

  • We have added a visual text editor for Canned Responses – you and your team can easily style your templates with just a few clicks.
  • The new editor supports new Jira syntax – and it can be used and should render correctly regardless of your project configuration (even in "old issue view").
  • Your old templates have already been converted automatically.
  • In some cases, when Jira syntax was ambiguous – upon inserting particular templates, we'll ask you to confirm that the style looks good and to correct it if needed so that they are all neat, functional and pretty.

New, shiny visual templates editor

The new way of styling templates is now consistent with standard Jira experience:

  • All the styles are instantly visible – no need for a preview
  • You can use Jira Markdown syntax – type it, and it will be applied immediately

The update lets you efficiently use more visual elements, including panels, code snippets, quotes, statuses, dates etc.

In the old template editor – the experience wasn't perfect, so we improved the following parts:

  • The preview was inconvenient - you had to switch back and forth to preview your work.
  • You had to use Jira syntax – which may be difficult for some people.
  • You had to choose one of two Jira syntaxes - depending on your project configuration.

Old template editor with Jira syntax

Resulting comment

All templates have already been converted

You might have created a bunch of templates already. No worries, we’ve got you covered - they are all converted already.

From now on, your templates are universal – style them once and use them wherever you want, regardless of your project's configuration (which was not the case before).

In some rare cases, when your previous Jira syntax was ambiguous – we might ask you to revise the styles of selected templates.

A warning will also be displayed in the “Manage templates” section.

This should happen upon inserting only the selected templates, and once confirmed – all should be good.

In case you wonder – you don’t have to do anything more for the upcoming transitioning of all Jira Cloud users to the new issue view beginning on March 31, 2021. Your templates should remain usable regardless.

Over to you

We hope the new editor will help you and your team have more control over your templates – making them not only more functional, consistent, effective, and easier to read but also more attractive.

If there are other features and functions that you’d love to see in your Canned Responses – we are all ears, please do let us know!

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