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Introducing New Relative Mode in Agile Poker- Estimate Together With Your Team Remotely

New Relative Session with the Multiplayer Mode
Oleksii Kovalenko
Oleksii Kovalenko
Sep 3rd, 2020

We didn’t slow down during the summer, but instead are working on full pace to deliver some great additions to Agile Poker for Jira Cloud. All these to help you run backlog estimations with your remote team simultaneously and have an even better experience with estimations.

Getting feedback from our users is priceless and helps us improve. This time, while talking to Jira users and our customers about how they perform the Backlog estimation and what’s their favorite approach, we spotted an interesting and common trend amongst all our respondents. Many teams use various estimation card games while estimating together in one room, considering them engaging and helping with story discussions. However, now that most teams moved to the remote work environments, they prefer to use one game - Planning Poker - and its variations.

Taking into consideration teams' estimation experience, number of Items to be estimated, and many other factors Planning Poker may not be the best fit for all teams. And certainly, it is not the only alternative as Agile Poker for Jira offers 4 different estimation session types out of the box.

Taking our users' feedback and the remote working trends Agile Poker team decided to take the challenge and introduce a truly relative estimation feature bringing the fun and remote teams together with voting happening by moving cards around a collaborative board. And that’s what we achieved:

Introducing collaborative boards for team estimations

Some of you that know the Relative and Bucket Sizing session modes from Agile Poker already have an idea of estimating by placing user stories to a correct place based on their relative size and seeing other stories' positions rather than just by putting a number to a story.

Up until now, it was only the moderator who was placing stories in the right place while sharing the screen with all the team members. However, the latest update brings a significant change to the team estimations:

  • All the team members can join the same session at the same time. There is no need to share the moderator’s screen anymore!
  • Every team member can now view and comment on Jira issues from the session in a way he/she is used to - issue details appear in a modal window just like on any Jira board.
  • The board is collaborative. You can see fancy pointers with avatars of all the participants and interact easily.

Truly collaborative team relative estimation session

  • If required, a team might nominate the moderator, who could solely manage participants and simply help drive the estimation process to make sure your sessions run smoothly and in a time-efficient manner. Finally, the moderator saves final results or enable voting, so each present team member can vote on selected cards to reach the consensus.

    Manage participants and assign the session moderator

  • If you cannot reach a consensus during the session, you would like to vote for a specific complicated user story or would like to use voting flow for every single one, you can enable voting for buckets. Just drop the story to the voting area, cast votes with the team, and discuss concerns participants have to reach the consensus, while Agile Poker will try to help with highlighting the voting winner. To cast the final vote, simply drag the card to the final bucket.

Relative Session Voting

So here is in essence our truly Relative Mode- it’s fast, reliable, suit for remote. We hope you and your team will like it. We have prepared a demo instance so you can play around with your team and see yourself.

Over to you

Curious about trying out Agile Poker for Jira Cloud and the latest updates?

Go to the Atlassian Marketplace today and try Agile Poker for Jira for your team. Alternatively, you are a few clicks away from our fully functional demo option:

We strive to make Agile Poker and all its features outstanding, but we need your feedback to make it happen. Don’t forget to share feedback via the form on the page after you finish your estimation session in-app or directly to

Thank you for your help

Last but not least. We, the Agile Poker Team, appreciate the help of all the beta testers of Team Relative Beta and Team Bucket Sizing Beta, helping us in shaping our new features. Your feedback was priceless, and we wouldn’t do it without you!