What the IT crowd does for fun

The world neither ends at nor is limited to the work realm - luckily, also not during the lockdown regime. The geeks have a life outside the birbs’ cage, you say?! Let’s check them out!

In the eighth episode of our podcast we’re taking a look at our engineers’ life after hours. As host Bartosz Cytrowski discovers, there are a lot of diverse interests and hobbies pursued and shared across the team.

For Zuza Struczewska, a Senior Quality Engineer at Spartez, work surely is not everything. As she has been enjoying travelling, sadly limited during the lockdown, she is now more into video games and just recently discovered the benefits of yoga. Patryk Petrowski, a Senior Software Engineer, has an established reputation for his excellent... culinary skills! He likes making good food and eating good food and he finds his cooking passion being the trigger for his traveling undertakings. “Desire to eat something different is sometimes the deciding factor when it comes to picking the destination” - he says. As for Senior Software Engineer Michał ‘Fox’ Dyro, in his free time, he really lives life to the full while scuba diving, travelling, paragliding and photographing it all.

Finding time to pursue a hobby or do something spontaneous isn’t easy. It often comes down to how far you really want to go. The further - the more preparation is required. Sometimes it is the matter of choosing the way of travel - with a backpacking approach it is a little bit easier to manoeuvre. In terms of cooking, planning ahead helps a lot. “I have a blunt, but time saving approach: thinking about the recipes during the weekend and then making one big trip, buying everything that will not spoil, and making three dishes weekly, each for two day” - says Patryk. The origins of each passion vary case by case - from long term dreams, the necessity to overcome some routine, or by pure accident. But, as the careers of Zuza, Patryk and Michał develop, their capacity for new pursuits widens on many levels. It is not the economic factor that determines their choices. The biggest obstacle is one’s own mindset. When the first step is done, then it goes on, the fear of the unknown diminishes and anything is possible.

It is thought-provoking when you realise how much the professional and personal spheres intertwine. The skills people learn on the job at Spartez - be it taking language courses, training, or participating in fun team activities - always come in handy outside work. At the same time, a lot of experiences, like coping with difficulties and hindrances during travel and turning them into something positive, have a great impact on work attitude. With regard to team setup, the possibility to meet people from all over the world or to combine business trips with visits to most desired tourist destinations, vastly broadens the horizons on both professional and personal level.

With such a “world-is-my-oyster” attitude it may be difficult to cope with the current lockdown limitations. However, what we can derive from the stories shared by Zuza, Patryk and Michał, it is actually a great opportunity to get ready for future adventures. Either by plunging into any new activity available from home or by planning, upskilling, and making preparations.

Sure, sometimes the most memorable experience comes from reaching the summit and overcoming one’s own physical and mental boundaries. On the other hand, there is always some space to be explored when it comes to personal relations - the sheer amount of human kindness and helpfulness one can experience during business or holiday travel is really worth the effort and always surprises in least expected moments.

Stay tuned for more as we feature new topics and new members of our team in our upcoming content published across all the major podcast platforms, including Spotify and Google Podcasts. We'll be talking about software development, product design and management, but also dev life, collaboration, diversity and all IT culture related topics.

Atlassian has acquired Spartez R&D Sp. z o.o. (formerly Spartez sp. z o.o. sp. k.), the company that has been primarily providing software research & development services for Atlassian since its inception.

If you are interested in a job at Atlassian, please visit the Careers page. The Spartez R&D Sp. z o.o. website will no longer be maintained separately. Please refer to atlassian.com or reach out through Contact Page for any questions.

Spartez Software, the company that is focused on the products business, will continue to develop its products and is not affected by the acquisition. If you are interested in these products, Spartez Software, or need support, please visit spartez-software.com.

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