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Introducing Whiteboards For Jira To Enhance Online Collaboration For Your Remote Team.

Grzegorz Tańczyk
Grzegorz Tańczyk
Jul 15th, 2020

Have you recently moved to fully remote work due to the pandemic? Well, we are on the same boat then, and just as many teams we too are missing our whiteboard discussions, brainstorms, and creative vibes. We are no longer able to use Agile Cards for Jira, our shared physical boards with stickers, do the drawings, and all in-the-office perks. And since we love to collaborate, as we believe that way we can create value for our customers we were in the hunt for a solution that will support us in daily collaboration.

We ended up coming up with the solution and help remote teams to restore their productivity in a remote work environment. Whiteboards for Jira app is an answer to this problem as it adds a virtual whiteboard functionality to Jira Cloud.

Digital Whiteboard for Jira

Whiteboards for Jira allows teams to collaborate in real-time pretty much without any limits. The only limit is the imagination!

So if you want to run an effective and highly collaborative:

  • brainstorming with clustering;
  • retrospective;
  • release planning;
  • estimation;
  • prioritization;
  • resource allocation;
  • risk analysis;
  • backlog refinement;
  • or anything else you were able to do effectively with a physical whiteboard.

With Whiteboards for Jira, you can run your team's ceremonies online, and thanks to powerful integrations, bulk editing, and automation you can do it even better!

Take a look below to see Whiteboards for Jira in action!

1. Working on your Jira issues directly on the Whiteboards.

2. Powerful UI, including manipulation on multiple cards.

3. Converting sticker cards into Jira issues with just one click - try doing that on a whiteboard!

The current beta version of the app already supports cool features like:

  • Importing issues from Jira;
  • Edit, assign, or transition Jira issues directly from the digital board;
  • Fully respecting Jira permissions;
  • Zoom/scroll viewport with a minimap;
  • Real-time display of other participants cursors;
  • Access control;
  • Cards, lines, images, videos, or even sound can be added to the board;
  • Backup/restore.

There is still more to come as we keep developing the app- improving it and enhancing with new features.

Whiteboards for Jira vs. Miro and other virtual board solutions (like Gliffy, or Mural)

The main advantages of Whiteboards for Jira, just to name a few: easy install, native Jira experience, everything stays in Your Jira, updating multiple issues with moving cards, bulk actions, and automation via drop zones. See how we compare to others:


Jira Integration


Real-time Collaboration

Example Use Cases



Embed diagram into Jira issue

:yellow_star: :cross_mark: Complex diagrams, business processes, or engineering designs.


Paid plans only, limited functionality, manual OAuth, Webhooks setup.

Interactive collaboration, brainstorms.


Creating tickets only, manual OAuth, Webhooks setup.



Most advanced

Design sparing, presenting mockups.
Whiteboards for Jira


Native Jira experience, one-click install



Managing Jira issues for teams, agile meetings: retrospectives, planning etc.

Whiteboards for Jira is focused on integration with Jira, while Gliffy shows best in class diagramming capabilities, and in Mural you will get the most advanced collaboration capabilities.

Our idea is to follow the everything-in-Jira approach. You will instantly enjoy rich integration with Jira out of the box, without troublesome OAuth setup or manual Webhooks.

If you’re interested in reading more about how I built the app, check out this article.

Sounds interesting? Start using Whiteboards for Jira now!

Try it free now -> Whiteboards for Jira

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