Recruiters have feelings too

Recruiters have feelings too - have you ever considered that? Yes, their core task is to verify your professional qualifications, but recruiters also strive to reach beyond the curtain of elaborate education and impressive resumes in order to grasp the unmeasurable and the boundless - the passion!

The recruitment process, no matter how challenging it may appear, is an occasional hurdle that every successful and satisfactory career journey entails. The secret lies in choosing the optimal timing and the right direction to move forward. [In the seventh episode] of our podcast Joanna Rękosiewicz, Ewelina Sobocińska and Aleksander Gis, talent acquisitions masters on the Spartez team, reveal a few secrets on how they assist candidates in making these decisions, plus share some thoughts on how they perceive their role in the grand scheme of things.

There’s a lot more to what recruiters focus on besides just the classic education track record and professional background of a candidate. The talent acquisition squad is on a literal quest for true talent, but a person’s hunger for developing their talent, their problem-solving skills, and their passion, is equally important. The trick is that although it is fairly easy to tell if people are passionate about what they do, it’s a property that’s difficult to measure or quantify. This is why a well designed recruitment process needs to support the development of a quality relationship between the recruiter and the candidate. There needs to be ample time and space for a thorough exchange of thoughts on domain specifics and evolution, as well as role impact and strategic vision. Calculating passion by measuring the amount knowledge possessed and the degree of interest in a given subject - piece of cake, right…?

Asia, Ewelina and Alek all admit that they invest a lot of emotions into what they do and strive to overcome their personal biases in the process. The personal relations that develop between candidates and recruiters trigger the latter to feel responsible for the people they engage with, often beyond the duration of the recruitment process, sometimes evolving into friendships. It may not always be apparent but, after a long and intricate procedure if the candidate choses to turn down the job offer they are presented with, the recruiter gets the blow too. Rejection is never easy, for either side.

A final tip on recruitment savoir vivre? Don’t ghost on interviews. Vanishing without a word, besides being impolite, is bound to backfire, especially as the IT world ain’t as big as some think. It is all about mutual respect. Recruiters strive to be as transparent and honest as possible, pass on all the feedback they can, and can only hope to get the same in return. Whatever decisions you make on your professional journey, drop a line, don’t disappear into thin air mid-process and make the recruiter - a human being personally and professionally involved in their role - spend thousands on their therapist ;)...

Stay tuned for more as we feature new topics and new members of our team in our upcoming content published across all the major podcast platforms, including Spotify and Google Podcasts. We'll be talking about software development, product design and management, but also dev life, collaboration, diversity and all IT culture related topics.

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