How to go from an internship to a successful career as a developer

Background - versatile, path - diverse, motivation - somehow correlated, outcome - successful. Daria Misiowiec, Marcin Barzyk and Adam Stafiej have traveled quite a long and sometimes bumpy road to reach their destination at Spartez. Pump up the volume for an inspiring story on how to re-think oneself outside the box with a supportive buddy and a seasoned mentor at your back.

These are not the easiest of times to start your career, especially in a completely unknown environment, but Spartez has a great track record of supporting interns on the growth path to becoming successful junior software engineers. In the sixth episode of our podcast we present three (in)different stories of swift transition from holiday time interns to part- or full-time juniors on our team.

Daria Misiowiec is studying technical physics, Marcin Barzyk has majored in biotechnology, Adam Stafiej proceeds with his IT studies - despite such diverse starting points, all three of them are now successful junior devs at Spartez. What was their motivation behind choosing such a path for their blossoming career? How have they coped with jumping aboard such a huge project and staying afloat in the vast ocean that is Jira?

In their own words, the babysitting-like care at Spartez was key to making their journey a smooth one. Having only the basic practical knowledge and no Atlassian ecosystem experience whatsoever, they were by no means expected to be masters of the crafts that the more experienced members of the Spartez team excel in. They did not have to know all the answers. They only needed to be eager to learn, stay focused and ask the right questions. The cherry on the proverbial top that Daria, Marcin and Adam all point to was the support that each of them got from their respective buddies and mentors, both in terms of programming uncertainties, as well as socialising in new surroundings and company culture.

Even though they were not required to leverage their English skills immediately from the start, all three of our podcast guests stress the significance of being able to communicate fluently, both within as well as outside of the team. The English language lessons facilitated by the company can surely make the progression to becoming a junior developer that can efficiently interact with all stakeholders a lot easier.

Final hint from our heroes of this story with regard to the recruitment process: have no fear. Seriously, kick starting your career as a dev intern is no piece of cake, but with the right attitude and a savvy mind, it’s not a challenge that cannot be overcome and very much enjoyable.

Stay tuned for more as we feature new topics and new members of our team in our upcoming content published across all the major podcast platforms, including Spotify and Google Podcasts. We'll be talking about software development, product design and management, but also dev life, collaboration, diversity and all IT culture related topics.

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