Communication: the most critical skill (not only) a UX designer needs to master

It often happens that the craft that you acquire in the course of formal education is later challenged by the realities of a business environment. Knowing how to conduct user research and getting your colleagues to appreciate the importance of it can be two different things. And no matter how great a UX designer you are, you will not be successful in your role if you can’t get others to understand the significance of what you do. Sounds familiar? Tune into our podcast for some design therapy, find out what a drama triangle is & how not to get caught up in it and learn how to build a working relationship with the non-designers on your team.

In the fourth episode of our podcast Michał Zieliński and Imran Parvez talk to host Bartosz Cytrowski about the many hats that a UX designer needs to wear in order to successfully collaborate within a software development team. Both Michał and Imran are UX Designers at Spartez, on a daily basis working on the Atlassian software suite. The two of them have also recently facilitated a “Design therapy – no one understands me” workshop as part of the November 2019’ edition of World Usability Day Trójmiasto, which Michał was engaged in as one of the organizers.

The idea for Michał’s and Imran’s workshop emerged on the basis of their professional experience and their exchange of views with other design practitioners. They’ve identified a common gap between the skills that UX designers develop in the course of their education and the skills that they need in order to be successful and fulfilled in their role as part of a software development team. These missing competencies, such as contextual thinking, decision making and emotional intelligence, often undermine performance and result in conflicts and frustration. In the spirit of the WUD theme, “Designing the Future We Want”, Michał and Imran share their thoughts on how to work towards closing this skills gap and the feedback they got from their audience following their workshop.

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