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Agile Cards for Jira Now Available for Next-gen Projects

Agnieszka Józwiak
Agnieszka Józwiak
Jan 8th, 2020

If you have already put Jira next-gen projects into action in your company, you can now significantly refine your agile teamwork. And if you are a small or medium business player who is still looking to optimize your project management, turn on your improvement radar right now. We are rushing to inform you that from now on, Agile Cards for Jira are available for next-gen projects. Why is it so vital? Let’s find out!

In October 2018, Atlassian launched a next-gen project type to give a helping hand to smaller companies who have been looking for easier project management within a Jira software environment.

Ease of use and team autonomy – those were the priorities, as Jira next-gen projects don’t require a dedicated Jira admin inside the organization to set everything up and get things going.

The big idea is that with next-gen projects solution, you can manage your work faster and easier, by getting rid of bottlenecks.

Going for next-gen – far more than just simpler project administration

The main point was to make work easy and effective. No more waiting for an admin to configure particular elements and events. No more losing (precious) time.

However, a more straightforward and more user-friendly version of Jira Software Cloud solution doesn’t mean it’s a half-disarmed weapon. On the contrary, Atlassian has done what it takes to equip the next-gen project type with the features known (and appreciated) from classic projects. Moreover, the next gens have brought more perks to the table.

Here are some of the functionalities you’re looking for:

Jira roadmap – orchestrate your projects from one place

Don’t let a bunch of uncategorized stories, tasks, and child issues eat you alive like a pack of piranhas. With the Jira roadmap feature, you can put all your work in order, get a clear vision of where you’re at as a team, and where you’re heading with all the projects.

Releases and Versions – track software you have developed

This freshly launched release hub strikes as an easy and convenient control center of all releases and version you are working on. It will help you to monitor the work progress, handle bug tracking, and notify every completion of a particular feature delivered for your customer.

Backlog – create issues faster

If you decide to create a next-gen project, the Backlog will be one of your substantial tools. Making a Jira issue come to life will also be smoother than ever before – it will only require hitting a plus icon in between already created issues in your Backlog.

Although there some more valuable assets that make this next-gen Atlassian product worth falling for (sprint burndown chart or cumulative flow diagram – to name just two), but for the time being, we would like to highlight a way to reinforce your agile workflow:

Agile Cards for Jira

Considering the progressive development of next-gen project, and an array of product updates already disclosed as Atlassian’s action plan for 2020, synchronizing our flag products to be compatible with next-gen is a natural way to go.

It was also heartwarming for us here in Spartez Software, that our customers have let us know that they need Agile Cards to be available in next-gens!

Why Agile Cards for Jira?

If your small or medium company is solely dedicated to agile methodology, Agile Cards app for Jira will ideally come in line with your product development processes.

As the next-gen functionalities we mentioned above, will play a significant role in your projects and set a beat for your agile band to tune in, Agile Cards will help you to drum up your teamwork.

How does it work?

Despite the indisputable meaning of online collaboration in tech projects, there’s an undeniable power of offline team gather-ups to brainstorm, map out tasks, and put them into perspective.

With Agile Cards for Jira, you can print user stories and issues from Jira agile boards or/and backlog. This way, you can physically take all the digital planning from all over Jira and embed it to your workshop meetups like daily scrums or sprint planning.

As the illustrations suggest, you can take out issues from your printer, cut them into cards, and work away with them. That means putting them on a physical board, rearranging them, and jotting down notes.

But the real beauty lies here – when you’re done with your daily scrum or sprint planning, and your board is decorated with carefully organized agile cards, you can then bring it all back to the digital environment. All you need to do is take a photo of the board and upload it to Jira.

All the manual work can be easily converted again to user stories and issue types in Jira.

Refine your next-gen project with Agile Cards

With the ongoing process of revamping the next-gen projects and our customers’ inquiries, making Agile Cards plugin work together with next-gens was one of our priorities.

So, if you’re already in the middle of using next-gen, getting Agile Cards on board is a way to go. Go to the Atlassian Marketplace today and give this game-changing tool a try.