How to build an open product organisation

Making decisions based on limited information is a skill that every product manager needs to master. There just never is sufficient product data or user feedback; the challenge lies in spotting the moment in the decision process when you know enough to make the call. So how to deal with this continuous ambiguity? How to build an organization in which information is not a currency or object of trade?

In the third episode of our podcast Gosia Gulgowska-Kowalska, Group Product Manager at Spartez, shares her thoughts on building an open product company and navigating the reality of an ever changing and complex organization. Gosia leads a team of Product Managers, working with engineers and UX designers responsible for the Atlassian server products portfolio. Their vast network of users includes some of the biggest global brands. With a feedback loops that sometimes takes months to close, collecting and processing information to make the right product decisions is a challenge. Listen to our podcast to learn how Gosia and her team deal with this challenge, joining forces and insight from different talents in the product organization mix.

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