An archeologist’s story on quality engineering and public speaking

Is there a connection between archeology and software engineering? How to build on the legacy of your predecessors? And, if you have an interesting story to share, how to go about sharing it as a public speaker? Tune in for the second episode of our „Teams Products Culture” podcast.

In the second episode of our podcast Katarzyna Balcerzak, archeologist-turned-quality-engineer talks to Bartosz Cytrowski about what inspired and motivated her to pursue the path of public speaking. Kasia describes herself as a beginner or intermediate speaker and has an extensive track record of presentations and workshops at developer events, both in Poland and abroad. Having joined Spartez in February 2018 as a Quality Engineer, Kasia has since been sharing her unique view on Root Cause Analysis and post incident review best practices at Spartez and Atlassian. Listen to our podcast to hear Kasia speak about how her backgorund in archeology, motivation from her QA friends and a spark of inspiration from Dan North and David Neal have developed into a growing passion for public speaking.

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