A speaker’s recount from Confitura’19

Confitura is one of the biggest JVM conferences in Poland. It’s being run and created by Java community members since 2007. This year’s edition, held at the Warsaw Expo XXI, gathered over 2000 participants keen on sharing their knowledge and finding out about new technologies. I had the pleasure of being invited to the conference as one of the speakers. This is my personal recount from the event.

At Spartez, from day one we are being encouraged to participate in conferences, not only as attendees This is why, even though it was my first week at a new job, I answered the Confitura call for papers the day it came.

Speaking of the need for speed: GraalVM

The paper selection process for Confitura is a bit unusual because it involves general audience voting through the conference website. I was fortunate enough to pick a topic which proved to be interesting to the public and found myself among the awesome team of speakers. The topic of my presentation was "The need for speed. What is GraalVM?"

GraalVM is a new technology developed jointly by Oracle and academic researchers. It's supposed to replace HotSpot just-in-time compiler technology, but actually, it's much more. From a JIT compiler to a language implementation framework for JVM to a native image generator, it's going to change how software for JVM is written and run. In my talk I presented possibilities and benefits provided by GraalVM. I had nice discussions after the presentation – for example, people asked if this could be used to write iOS apps in Java. By the way, the answer is “Yes, of course”. The presentation deck is available at https://bit.ly/3052X63.

The whole Confitura’19 experience

As for the conference as a whole, I found the schedule very interesting and I have to admit that it was difficult to choose sessions since there were so many interesting talks given at the same time. Presentation levels were balanced so that all attendees, regardless of their level of experience in the industry, could find something of interest to them and learn something new. My personal favorite was ”Being transactional in 2019 - what does this actually mean?” by Maciej Prochniak. The talk nicely summarized different models of consistency in modern data systems.

The expo area was packed with conference partners who sponsored the event, but the venue was big enough, so the place didn't feel overcrowded. As usual, there were different contests held with quite impressive prizes to win . Unfortunately, I did not make it home with a drone. Even more, I was unable to attend SpoIna, the integration party after the conference. Still, I am very happy that I could attend Confitura'19 as a speaker and proudly represent Spartez during this event. I definitely recommend this conference to everyone interested in Java and software engineering in general.

Donation-based registration: kudos!

Last but not least, one of the aspects that appealed to me personally is Confitura’s a charity donation-based model of registering. The organizers collect symbolic donations with the help of the Allegro Charity Platform (via which all of the payments are directly transferred to charity organizations) and invite donors to register. This year, donations went to the Warsaw Children Hospice. Kudos for this great initiative.