Why Did I Move to The Tricity - Hanna Sazonava

_This is part of a series of conversations we had with Spartans who moved to live and work in the Tricity from across the world. Here, they tell us more about what made them relocate to Poland/The Tricity and what they like or not like about living here._ Hanna Sazonava, our Junior UX Designer moved to Gdansk, all the way from Minsk, Belarus In October 2017.

Why did you move to the Tricity?

My husband had an opportunity to relocate to one of his company's office anywhere in Poland and after some deliberation we decided that the Tricity was the most attractive option for us. We had visited Gdansk 3 years before that, and the city had made a good impression on us.

What attracted you the Tricity?

I love the sea and that played a major role in selecting Tricity over all the other places in Poland. What also attracted us was how connected Gdańsk was to the rest of Europe. Did I mention the sea (wink)?

What made you want to join Spartez?

I saw the job posting and I started researching. The more I learnt about Spartez, the more I felt that this is a place where I can learn a lot, challenge myself and work in an international team with genuinely passionate people.

What were your expectations about living and working in the Tricity and has the Tricity lived up to them?

We didn't have any expectations before moving to Gdansk, that way, anything that happened would (almost always) be a pleasant surprise. We knew it wouldn't be easy, but we were pretty sure that it would be an interesting and exciting adventure. We do not regret moving to the Tricity. Yes, we have had some adjustment issues and faced some difficulties, something that all immigrants deal with, so it's all good.

What keeps you in the Tricity?

Have I mentioned before how much I love the sea? I also love that the majority of the people are open-minded, always ready to talk about different things and express their opinion without any fear of being judged! I also love the fact that the Tricity is so well connected that its easy to commute. Although, Minsk is not a very big city, but its not commute friendly and we were tired of spending over 2 hours a day commuting. In Gdansk I bike to work everyday and it takes 20 minutes and it's a good way to wake up before the start of the working day. We love travelling and the Tricity has some amazing connections to the rest of the world and we make the most of it! Though I really miss Belarusian sweets sometimes and I wish that it was possible to learn Polish in one day by uploading it to your brain!

Would you recommend relocating to the Tricity?

Rather than recommend, I inspire them to move here! It's so funny, but when we decided to relocate, a few of our friends and relatives were really against the move. But today, every time I post something on Instagram, they message me about how they think about moving to Gdańsk one day, soon.

Come join us in Gdansk

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