Why Did I Move to Gdańsk - Roman Lutsiv

This is part of a series of conversations we had with Spartans who moved to live and work in the Tricity from across the world. Here, they tell us more about what made them relocate to Poland/The Tricity and what they like or not like about living here.

Roman Lutsiv, Development Manager for Jira Cloud, and a massive F1 enthusiast, moved to Gdańsk with his family from Ukraine (via Krakow) in February 2016.

What made you want to move to Poland?

I had been working in IT for over a decade but those were outsourcing companies, and I felt like it's time to try something new. I wanted to work in a product company, but I did not have many options in Ukraine at the time. Also, despite a plethora of opportunities across the ocean I did not want to relocate so far. Poland was an obvious choice - close to home, had good opportunities and a similar culture.

So, when I saw an opportunity to work with Atlassian in Gdańsk, I applied.

What attracted you to Spartez?

I have used Atlassian products a lot and loved them (looking at you, Jira and Conny), so the thing that attracted me was a chance of working with Atlassian. But what hooked me was the Spartez's story and the values. I understood that's the place where I wanted to be.

I applied for Product Manager first, and ... failed the interview - it obviously was not my strongest area and I did not have a lot of experience in it. But, rather than just "rejecting" me, the interviewers gave me great feedback and outlined areas of development. I was impressed.

Oh no! What happened next? Something obviously did, because you are here with us today!

Oh well, it wasn't that simple! There's still a tale to tell. I applied again, this time for the role of the Development Manager, made my way through the coding test (I was told that it should not take me more than a few hours, but because I was out of touch with coding, it took me over 30!), sweated through the technical interviews and made it to the final interview. I expected the final interview to be easy- people and process management, something I did every day , but I failed!

The interview process took some time, and we were so excited about our potential move that even after I failed (again!) we decided to move to Poland anyways. I applied to another software company and moved to Krakow. I sort of regretted my decision after few months - I mean, Krakow is a great place to be in during summer, but come winter, all of us started falling sick.

It was around this time that I was invited for the Spartez Open Day. As it was on a Friday, I came here with my family and not only did I attend a great event where I got to meet Spartans and talk to them, I also got to spend a beautiful weekend in the Tricity.

A couple of weeks later, in a follow up email, I was invited to two additional rounds of interviews for Development Manager role, this time with Sydney folks, I was eager to try and here I am today!

Was the transition difficult?

We spent our first few days here being welcomed by typical Gdańsk weather, it was sunny, windy and raining at the same time! On my fifth day in Gdansk I said "good bye" to the family and flew to Sydney for 2 weeks. My wife and children all got sick so it was ... not easy! But we survived (with help from nice Spartans), and after I came back life came back to normal. We settled in pretty quickly and started getting to know the Tricity and people around us.

I started learning Polish from the time we moved to Poland, but I made a conscious choice to speak in Polish only to my Polish colleagues and in English to my international colleagues. Not only did my Polish get polished pretty fast, it also acted as an ice breaker and helped me establish a connection with others around me much quicker.

What keeps you in the Tricity, aside from your work?

For us, the Tricity is perfect. We never wanted to live in a capital city and the Tricity provides us with all the conveniences and comfort of a large city, while not being a very large city! We have made good friends here, people are friendly & inclusive, the public transportation is good (most of the time!), schools are good and so is the healthcare system. Add to that the forests around the whole city and the beaches, fresh air and tasty fish... what more could one ask for?

Well, yes, perhaps all the urząds need to improve, but everything can't be perfect, right?

What would be your advice to someone considering a move to the Tricity?

I will tell them two things... first, be ready for new experiences and second.. stop hesitating, come on over!

Come join us in Gdansk

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