Why I Moved to Gdansk-Seth Utecht

This is part of a series of conversations we had with Spartans who moved to live and work in the Tricity from across the world. Here, they tell us more about what made them relocate to Poland/The Tricity and what they like or not like about living here.

Seth Utecht, currently works as a Senior Software Engineer with the Jira Server Team and moved to Gdansk, all the way from Virginia Beach, USA with his partner and his dog Neptune in June 2018.

What attracted you to the role of Senior Software Engineer At Spartez?

The role at Spartez initially attracted me because I wanted to work at a smaller, software-focused company, and I was looking at living in Europe again. Also, as I progressed through the recruitment process, I was more and more impressed by interviewers. And, as vague as it sounds, I liked the vibe I got...things like the founders’ story and the vibes from the interviewers. What clinched the deal for me was the dynamics of the final interview.

What were your expectations about work and life in the Tricity?

I was hoping to move to a “liveable” city. That may sound silly, but back home you drive to work, drive to get groceries, drive to meet friends etc.. much of life is spent seated in a car, driving from one place to another. I was hoping to move to a place where I could walk everywhere and use public transport for the longer journeys.

Moving to a seaside town also seemed like a plus; I’ve always lived by the water. And I’d heard that the sailing scene here was amazing.

I expected to play soccer - I mean football :) regularly, to travel, to soak up all the sights and history Gdansk and Poland have to offer. I was also looking forward to the challenge of living in a non-English speaking country and learning Polish!

Has the Tricity lived up to your expectations?

So far, so good! The people are friendly and have been receptive to my clumsy attempts at speaking Polish. Enough folks speak English that we can always fall back on it if need be. My morning and evening commute went from a 35+ minute drive to a 25 minute walk :-).

Work has been full of transitions for me. The national and company cultures are both very different, but I'm learning a great deal and enjoying getting to know my colleagues.

It's also worth mentioning that Wednesday football after work is one of the highlights of my week.

Anything you particularly like or not like about living in the Tricity?

I liked the cooler summer; ask me in 6 months how I feel about correspondingly cooler winters 😛

There are plenty of parks, and I really enjoy being able to walk everywhere (Have I mentioned how great this is?). I don't have a bicycle yet, but I'm also impressed with the dedicated bike paths.

I miss squirrels; there's plenty of trees here, but I haven't seen any of the little climbers. Have I just not been looking hard enough?

If any of your friends were to ask, would you recommend relocating here?

So far, both Spartez and Poland get a thumbs-up. But ask me again once I’ve gotten through my first winter here!

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