Summer Integration Party

Hasn’t it been a cracker of a summer so far? We decided to celebrate summer with our Annual Summer Integration Party in beautiful Borsk. All of us got very excited about this party and quite a few of us planned a biforek and cycled to Borsk a day earlier!

The day started with nearly everyone taking a dip in the clean and clear water of the lake before a few Spartans engaged in a friendly kayak race while others sunbathed or went on a walking tour of Kamienne Kręgi.

After a sumptuous lunch, everyone gathered for some fun team building games. The team tried their hand at archery and needless to say we had more bullseyes than not!

Now you know better than to mess with her at work!
Oh Yeah Baby!!! That target didn't stand a chance!

Then we divided into two teams, put on our team colours and battled it out on the football field. It was an all out war, the commentators kept losing sight of the ball because it moved so fast (and, we raised quite a dust cloud!) and many new talents emerged. We are thinking about trying out for World Cup 2018 (FIFA, are you listening?)

Ready to battle it out!

It was kinda windy by this time, so the teams moved on to make the most creative kites that they could with the choice of material provided. The teams came up with some creative kites that really impressed us, though we are not sure how well they would fly, but thankfully we did not have to check that!

Busy making kites
Who says we ain't creative, eh?

By this time, all of us were hot and sweaty and eager to get into the water! The teams raced each other to their boats and we had a dragon boat race! It really looks so easy on TV, right? But getting those oars to match the beat or vice versa is not an easy task as the teams realised!

The Dragon Boat Race

After the exciting dragon race, we walked over to the next arena and were greeted by 7 old Fiats. Our tasks was to use the material provided and pimp up our rides! The teams got creative and the poor ol' Fiats did not stand a chance! The results… well you can see the results below. The team that won was of course, our favourite superhero’s Batmobile!

Are ya ready to pimp ya rides?
Decorating cars is serious work!
But first we must check if we all fit
Here is our super cool patrol car, says Gosia
The green car, literally!
A tank? A battle field? A camouflage car? All of the above!
The Cakemobile!
And the winner is....... The Batmobile!

Tired by exuberant, everyone went and freshened up before coming back for dinner and the evening festivities. We had a fun evening playing games, dancing to the tunes of a great DJ (he played all our multi language requests you see!), singing along the bonfire and generally catching up and chilling out. Suffice to say, many of us were still partying when the others came in for breakfast!

Taking a break by the lake
The cold drink definitely hits the spot!
Taking in the sun
Relaxing outside the huts
Down but not out. Even heroes need a break!
Time to get the party started!
Where's the party at?
Its the time to disco!
Awwwwww :)
Catching up with old friends and new

The Integration Party was a lot of fun and we’ve come back energised, so look out for some awesome stuff happening soon!